What a lovely mask!

Nothing to say?

Nothing at all.

Just go through the motions.

The show must go on.


Put on the make up,

wear your best smile.

Be nice and pleasant.

What a lovely mask!


What, you’re tired?

I’ll have none of that.

Pretend that you’re happy.

That’s the trick. Stat!


The world has no need

for tragic stories.

Drama is not welcome.

Nor sad inventories.


The dance shoes are waiting,

and so is the band.

In the wings of music,

A dream is at hand.


A fancy, a reverie,

Or a wish, perhaps.

Of a life without pain

But what good is that?


Just keep on smiling

keep wearing the mask.

The world will keep turning

till the end of time.


Lovely mask

5 thoughts on “What a lovely mask!

  1. No Blog Intended says:

    Great, great poem.
    I do like masks, but the real ones, like you wear in the pic. The ‘invisible’ masks can indeed become a burden. There’s places and people though where no mask is needed. Hope you can take it off here.

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Thank you. I do love masks and masquerades. Since I’m in the show business, I do get to wear masks quite often. That is nice.

      But yes, as you say, the other kind of masks are very burdening. And can take it off here, thank goodness.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment! :)

  2. Childwoman says:

    Beautiful poem :) :)

    Its like living two lives. Its exhausting. So so exhausting. Just for a minute, if we could just let it all out let everyone see, and not feel so different than others. Let them see, how scarred our hearts and minds are. Just for a minute if we could stop lying to others and ourselves. The pain and confusion we go through, the stillness and the chaos that echo in our minds, if only they knew….

    The masks hide our real faces, our hearts and our troubled minds. I would give anything to let go of my mask and wear my battered heart on my sleeve like a badge of courage and hope :)

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