What I learned today

Since I speak English As a Second Language, I am always learning new things.

I always like when my friends take the time to explain why something is said this way instead of that, or are not afraid of using fancy or even obscure words and expressions when talking with me.

Snafu. Fubar. I’ve heard these words many a time but I always thought there were real -if funny, words, until today when I decided to look them up. And I look what I found!

They are Military acronym slang allegedly originated during WWII (according to Wikipedia). And there’s one more, susfu.

SNAFU: Situation Normal: All Fucked Up. I like the original much better than the current usage to simply mean a mistake.

SUSFU: Situation Unchanged: Still Fucked Up. This one also rings a bell. Oh right, it’s the story of my life!

FUBAR : Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Apparently a good word to use when one’s laptop doesn’t want to work.

And what do you know? There’s even a cartoon character that uses one of those acronyms. Hilarious.


8 thoughts on “What I learned today

  1. "HE WHO" says:

    Learning is good! Some of us, however,(and I’m talking mostly about moi) never learn and these words, like SUSFU, might as well be our last name. He Who SUSFU. How does that sound? All we can really do is just ‘kEEP ON DANCIN'”

  2. Viciously Sweet says:

    This is so funny! I didn’t know this was a real thing!
    One time I found a Polaroid on the sidewalk of people partying and it said MAFU- Me All Fucked Up.
    Thanks for the smile :)

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