California Adventures

Another dream come true for me in less than a year. It all started with DC, last August.

Then, out of the blue, I ended up getting this fantastic gift from my daughter (with a little help from her boyfriend): A trip to San Francisco!


It all started with a family wedding invitation to B & N. The wedding was happening in Sacramento but B & N were encouraged to fly into San Francisco. N knew San Fran was in my Bucket List and invited me to tag along but I couldn’t manage to make it fit in my budget.

Then came an opportunity for B & N to be part of a commercial being shot during their trip’s time frame and with it the chance for my daughter to get my flights as a Mother’s Day/Birthday present!

I had a grand time. It was great to see some of my old dancing friends and I got to see most of what I wanted to see. Plus, I got the chance to visit Sacramento, which wasn’t initially in my plans but ended up being a nice little treat as well.

And I got to cheer and watch N & B kick ass at the Sacramento Music Festival Swing Dance Contest!

I also got to visit the Google Headquarters a.k.a. Googleplex. What an experience. Truly a good day for a geek like me. B was very happy too. Thank you Adam, you rock!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a great trip. I didn’t get to do all I wanted, but like my friend Jared said, that just gives me an excuse to go back!

And l’ll tell you a little secret: Life is about to get even better!!!

T minus 30 days

8 thoughts on “California Adventures

  1. Lunch Sketch says:

    Looked through these the other night and forgot to add a comment. Some very cool shots and interesting places. Big props for climbing on the Palace of Fine Arts building – it was screaming “CLIMB ME!”

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