Celebrating the Summer Solstice

I went to Montreal to celebrate my birthday. It was Zack’s birthday on Thursday  –  You know, he of The Jazz Monkey fame, N’s Balboa partner at CSC and organizer of the dances at the Rialto.  Thus, we thought celebrating our birthdays together was a good idea.

The adventure started on Thursday early afternoon with a haircut. Then we headed to Montreal for the Rialto Swings LIVE!

Zack, Natalia and I doing birthday shots

Zack, Natalia and I doing birthday shots

Here’s a photographic account of the trip, which included painting the town in an Aston Martin DB9, waking up to some 150+ birthday messages on FB alone, mimosas for breakfast (well, ok… brunch),  and playing with a bunny rabbit among other things.

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For whatever reason, the weekend was also filled with hilarious conversations like this:

Me: Natalia, which lipstick should I wear?
Natalia: I think you should wear a combination of Please Me and Shag [pause] um, no pun intended

and this:

Get your phone out and take some pictures! What’s the matter with you?

Good times!

PS: Hopefully next one will be in Norway

PSS: Don’t forget to take a look at the moon tonight

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