The King

4:58 pm. Text message from my best friend. Wake up, wake up!

5:00 pm. Alarm sounds. Don’t want to wake up

5:20 pm Grumble grumble. Fine I’ll get up

5:30 pm Take a shower, get dressed, make sure ticket is in bag, get hat and sunglasses. Good, I’m ready to leave.

6:00 pm Get downstairs, walk half a block. Realize I don’t have my water bottle. It’s quite hot. I go into heat exhaustion very easily.


Back to my flat.

Can’t find the water bottle. Whatever, I take my sippy cup instead. Leave again.

I’m hungry. Walk on the other direction towards the grocery store to get some food.

The hot section is closing and there’s nothing left. Fine. I’ll get some of the overpriced food at the festival.

Walk out of the store. The bus is already at bus stop. I sprint. Get to the stop. Realize I don’t have my wallet. No bus tickets. No money.


Back to my flat. AGAIN

Grab my wallet. Check I still have ticket, sunglasses and hat with me.

Take three.

6:30 pm Walk to bus stop. Get on the bus.

7:00 pm At the festival grounds. I’m overheating.

Head to the stand and fill my over-sized sippy cup with ice cold lemonade. Good.


Get in line for food. Realize it is cash only and I left all my cash in my backpack.


No food for me.

7:15 pm Head to the Stage. Place is packed. People are sweaty and smelly. I make my way to the front.

7:45 pm Heat is almost unbearable. People are getting anxious. Some arguments start here and there cause everybody is trying to get the best spot.

Is this even worth it?

I think of leaving. Decide against.

Then the music starts.

He comes out, aided by some staff members.

He sits down, and they bring him his guitar.

He says: Good evening, my name is BB King. I’m 87 years old and I am very happy to be here tonight!


And then the magic begins


The King & The Moon

4 thoughts on “The King

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    The combination of the picture in my mind when I read sippy cup and having called you an old lady earlier today is making me chuckle. Glad you stayed and enjoyed, SM. :)

  2. Herman says:

    I love BB King, I saw him live some years ago at a local Rhythm & Blues festival. Great show. Great musician. Respect!

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