You mean politically or socially?

Holy smokes.

Interviewer: Do you see that the country is not doing well and has to change?

12 year old kid: You mean politically or socially?

Va va BOOM! You have been owned, TV person!

And you just have to watch the bit about Gender Equality!

This kid brought tears to my eyes. Someone out there is doing a good job raising their kid.

So reminds me of my own son discussing religion, politics, gender equality and the bible with astonished adults at the age of five.

Via Upworthy

Thanks to Paz from Melancholically Manic Mouse for the find!


4 thoughts on “You mean politically or socially?

      • Lunch Sketch says:

        No. But isn’t it sad that I am not shocked or surprised.

        We humans are capable of the greatest good and the greatest evil. We have an ongoing political debate in Australia about Boat People (‘illegal immigrants’ or ‘asylum seekers’ – depending on which side of the debate you are on).

        I say let them come … plenty of room here! :)

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