No going out for me today

I got woken up by the pain today. That doesn’t happen very often as I am quite used to pain by now.

The cartilages of most of my ribs where they join the Sternum (costal cartilages) are tender at best and downright inflamed and painful at worst. It is a condition known as Costochondritis.

Today is one of those “at worst” days. I can feel the lumps, especially on my left side.

Costochondritis. © Mayo Clinic Foundation

In the image above, blue means normal cartilage. Red, means inflamed cartilage.

I guess that means I ain’t going anywhere today. No way I can wear a bra in this condition.

Oh well. It is too hot to go outside, anyway. Maybe I’ll try to do some drawing today. My sketch pad must be feeling very lonely.

28 thoughts on “No going out for me today

  1. Tallulah "Lulu" Stark says:

    If there was a dislike button, I’d be rapid firing. I can’t begin to know your pain. But, I’m familiar with the frustration and exhaustion of chronic, lifelong pain. It’s awful, to say the least. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. No Blog Intended says:

    Well, hopefully you can use this day to just chill and relax so you don’t feel much pain, and then you can catch up with some blogs or something… To give it a good twist. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Cate Reddell says:

    Definitely a day to stay home. I had one of those yesterday. I haven’t been a awake long enough to know exactly how today is going to pan out. Sending lots of gentle hugs. (L)

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      It does, doesn’t it?
      It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. I mean, it is pain and all… Ok, yeah, it is bad, I admit. But there are other kinds of pain that are a lot more… well, painful than this one.

      Anyway, what I am trying to say is, thank you. Much appreciated :)

  4. Lunch Sketch says:

    Yes! Do some drawing!! :)
    Hope you are feeling a little better – or even a lot better for that matter.

    BTW. Maybe it has been there for ages, but I only just paid attention to it. Love the Header photo!

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      I ended up catching up on science instead. Maybe tomorrow. I really miss it, though.

      And thank you. Not for ages no put that header there when I changed the theme, about two months ago, I think? Hopefully you noticed I changed the theme…. ;)

      • Lunch Sketch says:

        I use being a boy as an excuse for not noticing either until now.
        Sorry :-/

        I do like the changes now that I see them. But the photo is definitely the icing on the blog cake.

        When I want to change my blog I usually just move the sidebar from left to right or if I’m feeling particularly like taking risks … right to left. :-)

  5. Miss Lou says:

    Ouch!! That’d be shocker condition without anxiety. Goodness gracious I would be up at the hospital almost every single night with that thinking I was having a heart attack.

    How did you get diagnosed? I imagine it took quite some time?

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