SSG doesn’t understand

Posting from my phone today. Too tired to even grab my laptop.

Yesterday evening, something had me annoyed. My Twitter feed was full of people complaining about Ben Affleck being chosen as the new Batman. I kid you not. For a while, every single tweet on my feed was about it. Wish I had taken a screenshot of it.

Generally, I have a very low threshold for shallow complains like those. Last night, I was downright intolerant of it.

Normally, I would have filtered it out but I decided just to close my HootSuite tab instead.

Then this appeared on my FB feed today

Sorry Ruby, I’ll try and find the source some other time.

Before I could help myself, I re-shared it.

My caption?

Yeah,well… That [sic] just to show you how effed up and shallow people are. It’s just business as usual. All my posts about causes (really worthy causes too) go completely unnoticed and ignored. It’s ghost town on my wall.

But Ben Affleck being Batman, holy cow, that shit is important, man!

Yeah, I’m quoting myself.

Judgemental, much? You bet.

But It makes me sad that people are so desensitized to what’s really important. You know, the little things. Human Rights. Equality of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. Social injustice. Shit like that.

Why would anyone care about those things when holy crap a movie star is having ice cream and that British woman had a baby!

11 thoughts on “SSG doesn’t understand

  1. Lunch Sketch says:

    Ooomah! Ruby and Claudia said swears! ;)

    Completely agree though. A very sad reality of our time.
    Hey. Following our chat the other day about boat people, I watched Elysium – I think you’d like it.

  2. kenthinksaloud says:

    oh come on…Ben Affleck? Really, you don’t get the importance? That’s MAJOR news. Who cares about those Syrians anyway. You need to get back down to the banality that’s really important… ;)

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