Good days start with coffee


Mi cafecito!

And guess what? It may even help our brains too.

Studies have found that – in moderation, [coffee] may help protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

How Coffee Affects Your Brain

10 thoughts on “Good days start with coffee

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    It’s not just good for your brain. Caffeine can make your muscles think they’ve exercised – but your puny one cup a day is like 1 or 2% of what you need for that. :)

  2. Miss Lou says:

    I’ve never had coffee ever.

    I think it has to do with it being thrown on me when I was about 11 years old (Cold rotten Iced Coffee) I was waiting at the bus stop.

    I almost chunder at the smell of it now…

    Ofcourse it makes for interesting meet ups with my mates, who all love to drink it, and have even had to resort to bringing it to my house and making it themselves if they want to drink it.. lol

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      Oh boy. What a rotten thing to do to you. Sorry to hear that. Was it on purpose?

      I – being Colombian, adore coffee, as you can see ;) But yes, meeting friends over coffee is a nice thing, even if you don’t have one. Oh, and making coffee at your place when you don’t drink it, that’s a really nice thing to do. Pretty cool!

      • Miss Lou says:

        I NEVER make coffee… lol… they do it for themselves.

        Not on purpose, more like I got in the way of being targeted at another person.

        These things happen at those ages I suppose and now as such, I’d rather eat fungus than drink coffee.. lol

        • Summer Solstice Girl says:

          oh, hahahaha but still. You are very nice to buy coffee and keep it at home just for your friends. Not very many people would do that!

          As for eating fungus… I like mushrooms so I guess that counts as fungus… lol

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