The long and winding journey

12 years ago

with two suitcases that contained all that I owned,

On a plane I got .

For the two day trip that would bring me

to this fabled land of snow.

Alone but not scared

for I will not strand, I know.


My last hope

My childhood dream.

Tell me why my battles,

always seem to be upstream?

Family and friends,

So many things left behind.

Beloved books and music

mementos of a troubled past.

Up and away

Up and away I went.

And started the journey to a better life.

The long and winding journey into the unknown.

The long and winding journey…


SSG the Wanderer

SSG the Wanderer

5 thoughts on “The long and winding journey

  1. Miss Lou says:

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing. Ever since I have seen Anne of Green Gables it has been a desire to get to Canada and visit Prince Edward Island.

    I always worry that by the time I get there, it will no longer have its rustic charm and beautiful scenery.

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it that much :)

      I really like that photo and to think I had completely forgotten about it. Found it again when looking for a good photo to accompany the post. It’s not even in my laptop but in the backup files in my media hub :P

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