Is it over yet?

By which I mean, 2013.

Is it over yet?

On the other hand, I am not looking forward to this year’s Christmas pictures


You’ve got to admit, I never looked sexier…

So yeah, exactly two weeks later, I found myself again connected to an IV line. This time around, for anesthesia.

Not to worry, it was a scheduled dental surgery. But still. Nerve-wracking, if you remember my experience with dentists.

Goddamn wisdom tooth. Impacted in the jawbone. Sideways. lying on a nerve, that was giving more than a few headaches, literally and figuratively. They had to drill the tooth out, little by little. And there was a chance they couldn’t take it all out due to the proximity with the nerve.

Found this damn cute cartoon when looking for pictures of horizontal impaction (cause it didn’t occur to me to take a picture of my own X-rays for this post)

However, things went pretty well, considering. I wasn’t too happy about the two-and-a-half delay in the schedule but once I was hooked to the IV, I was gone man. Perfect timing too cause I could feel the panic attack running fast in order to get me.

The maxillofacial surgeon told me he had been able to to extract the whole thing. Yay. Or at least I think he told me that. I could have just as well dreamed it. I don’t even remember how I got home that day.

Anyway, after two days of excruciating pain, I am finally able to open my mouth enough to brush my teeth, and eat some semi-solid food. Like, a very nutritious red velvet cake. Aren’t you glad I have my priorities right?

Now, I have to take antibiotics for a week, and I am still taking big league painkillers plus Advil for the inflammation. Add to that all the medications I was already taking and now I feel like I am running a small drugstore or something. Need me to hook you up with something? Just give me a shout.

Is 2013 over yet?


30 thoughts on “Is it over yet?

  1. Cate Reddell says:

    I think after all that you should have as much red velvet cake as you like. Much easier than eating vegetables. :I hope that swelling goes down in time for Christmas pictures but more importantly that you start feeling better really soon.

  2. Sandee says:

    I’m glad the pain is alleviated. At least you know the right nutrients to take — red velvet caaaake! On your influence — I had a piece yesterday! Here’s to a speedy recovery for you SSG!

  3. Aussa Lorens says:

    Oh my gosh… I hope you’re doing better now. I remember having my wisdom teeth out as a teenager (and being high for months afterwards because they would never heal) but mine weren’t nearly as crazy as that! I love the cuddly little tooth sleeping with his blanket though… I hope that brought lots of comfort, ha.
    Oh, and I’m a little late to the game but guess what! 2013 is over, huzzah!

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