Museum-ing in Lansingland

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Summer Solstice Girl when visiting a new city must be in want of a museum. And a zoo.

So, museum-ing*** I went.

First, Sidlet #2, Sid and I went to the Potter Park Zoo. Sidlet #1 is not too much into zoos so she stayed home and did homework instead.

Then, the four of us went to the Michigan Historical Museum where I learned about well… the history of Michigan.

Lastly, we made the 1.5hr trek to Grand Rapids, where I had a two-fold mission. First, to meet with the people from the Global Center* for Advanced Studies and second, visit the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Because, DINOSAURS**, yo!


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* Ugh, the American spelling is so alien to me.

** However, Sid already posted enough dinosaur photos -and mine are not all that good anyway, so I am only posting family ones here. Go to his blog and enjoy his Dinosaur Unearthed post.

*** I didn’t visit all the museums in the area because I was too busy being lazy on the weekends but Sid, the Sidlets and I did get to go to a few.



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