Crazy COLOURlover

Remember when I told you about my new thing? Well, I am having a grand old time with designing stuff. I found this awesome site called COLOURlovers (and yes, It has the right spelling! w00t w00t) and apparently I now eat and breathe colours.

I am having so much fun. I am still a n00b, of course, but I am getting the gist of it. I still don’t have the skill to create my own pattern templates but I am starting to get good at creating nice patterns with other people’s templates.

Wanna see?

This is my most recent one and the one I like the most so far! I am very happy with it :)

 Made of  sapphire & Mithril and shining with the light of Telperion

Varda’s jewel


You can take a peek at all my patterns (14 so far) on my COLOURlovers profile page or on my Pinterest Board but I’ll add my favourites here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is funny cause so far, [most of] my patterns are very summersolsticey while my palettes are very wintersolsticey. I guess that figures. IF I paid attention to the astrological sign thingy -which I don’t, I’d say that is a perfect reflection of my Gemini duality.

I rather call it The Summer Solstice Girl Paradox.

8 thoughts on “Crazy COLOURlover

  1. savemefrombpd says:

    Absolutely amazing website! I was recommended this site 5 years ago when I did a web design course.. Oh how I sat there for hours on end choosing colour palettes for things.. and the patterns… ahh! Enjoy!!

          • savemefrombpd says:

            Yes, I am a recovered COLOURlover addict haha.

            Me… Things are kind of interesting I guess!! How else to describe!? Stuff is honestly very difficult not just mental health wise, but a bit physically and money/benefits are screwed up and many stresses… But I’m doing OK thank you and am pushing on.

            Just made a very emotional post on my blog… Now I need to get to sleep somehow! Going to take a while to wind down. I don’t normally post things like I just did… So yes, things are ‘different’ in some ways!

            Take care, both you and Sid!! xx

            • Summer Solstice Girl says:

              Oh, yeah, please do take care of yourself! I know how frustrating it is to deal with benefits and coverage and stuff. UGH.

              Gentle hugs. My darling Dandelion will be here in Ottawa next so we’re very excited about it :)

  2. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    Good stuff, love. I very much like Summer Solstice Fun – oh, and I also like the pattern by that name as well…

    Five days, I think!

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