500 Today


I got this sweet notification from WP today


I can’t believe my little blog has 500 followers.

It all started [I don’t even remember when] because I needed to get stuff out of my head cause I was feeling overwhelmed. It was write or implode so I wrote.

At that time, I wasn’t even that comfortable with my English and I said so in my bio.

The thought of other people willing to read my babbling and silly stories never crossed my mind. But I did stumble upon a wonderful community that is so supportive sometimes it makes me want to cry.

Naturally I did the only possible thing. I ran to COLOURlovers to see if I could find something appropriate for the post. What do you know? I found a pattern template called 500 today. How cool is that?

Next, I made a palette out of the cute trophy badge :)


And with it, I created this pattern

500 Today


So I suppose that’s my gift to all my followers. Thank you for your likes, your comments, your support and of course, for following my blog


6 thoughts on “500 Today

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    Your writing is THAT good! I mean, it’s good enough that 500,000 should be reading. You make me laugh, cry, think, and love.

    I’m maybe not one in a million, but I’m one in five hundred, and I’ll take it!

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