Musings on religion and errata

The day before yesterday, I saw this meme on FB and me, being me, I immediately shared it with the following caption:


Please do the rest of mankind a favour and do it


Today, I revisited my post cause it was in the back of my head, bugging me. It was bugging me and I didn’t know why until – too late, I realized in horror that I was actually telling people to go kill themselves. But instead of deleting my post, I thought it better to acknowledge my erratum in hope of keeping the conversation going. Because, it is important to admit that one does make mistakes every now and then, righ?

Therefore, I added this comment:

NOTE: While re-reading the words, I have realized something. I do not condone taking your own life. I shared the post because I hope that people see the irony and wisdom in it. NO religion ( and NO god) is worth killing for. Where is the wisdom in a god that asks you to kill their own creation? If “my” god told me I had to kill, in their name, the very creatures they claim to have created, I’d said screw you, blood-thirsty god. I am wiser than you. I am not killing any of my brothers and sisters and you are not my god anymore. Be gone!

So, I apologize. While I do agree with Jimmy Carr in that the human gene pool could use some a lot of chlorine, and I look forward to reading every year’s Darwin Awards, I recognize the wrong in what I said and what is said in the meme. For obvious reasons.

However, I stand by my other statement:

NO religion ( and NO god) is worth killing for. Where is the wisdom in a god that asks you to kill their own creation?

There was more I wanted to say on this but I can’t remember right now. I knew I should have finished the post yesterday, cause you know…

Adorable little dude at Strathcona Park

2 thoughts on “Musings on religion and errata

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    It may be best that you forgot what else you were going to say, because there’s a LOT that can be said about murder in the name of religion. I wonder what percent of your friends took “kill yourself” from that post instead of the message you meant to convey – I suspect it is a small number. Anyway, for what it’s worth, I agree with you and I’m proud (yes!) of you for admitting that what you said might have incorrectly come across as barbaric.

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