Sunday Morning Silliness

Because it’s Sunday. And I’m silly. And you know… I have too much time on my hands.

I was looking at my phone (yes, that is the first thing I do when I wake up) trying to find the fabled new features of iOS8 and came across this app I had downloaded because Nathan Filion. aLike is the name and I had forgotten I had it. Naturally, I had to play with it.

I took the first picture and this is what I got:


Still my favourite

Sid and I almost fell off the bed, so hard we were laughing. So much fun I just had to keep going.

Hmmm, I wonder what will I get if I let my hair down…


A certain Amber Tamblyn, apparently. No idea who she is

OK, what if I send my hair to the back instead?


Heh, not too bad!

Then I had to try an updo, of course!



Side pony tail a la 8Os?


another spastic laughing fit

Now, could I recreate my angry husky face? Let’s give it try





No idea who this person is either but hey, I love Sid’s tongue in the background

Note: Special thanks to the fiance for his willingness to participate in the Sunday Morning Silliness

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