It’s The Little [Leftie] Things

Yesterday, I got a very awesome surprise gift from my very awesome fiance that made me super happy. Here it is, in all its glory:

Leftie Scissors

You may wonder why a pair of scissors is such a big deal for me. But when you’ve spent all of your leftie life cutting things with right-handed scissors, you would know. I just wanted to sit and cry, so happy I was! What a thing. You righties have no idea how aggravating it is for us lefties to live in a right-handed world

yeah, that

yeah, that

Naturally, I had to cut something, stat. And also naturally, me being me, I had to go and choose the most difficult thing to cut there was in the flat. Oh, well…. The Michigan History magazine was the only magazine available in the flat. And the Upper Peninsula picture was the only one that grabbed my attention as all the other pictures were perfectly squared and therefore way too easy. It seems like there is no middle ground when it comes to the Historical Society. Or something.


I sat with a huge smile on my face and my tongue sticking out (something I always do when I am focused) to get to the task. Two second later, I realized my my poor brain was utterly confused. It wanted to hold the leftie scissors the same way we had been holding the right-handed ones for 4o years.  I took my brain A LONG TIME (some 300 hundred seconds) to understand the problem and adjust the angle. It will take an even longer while to make it automatic as every time I take a break my brain turns the leftie scissors the old angle we are used to.

|Nonetheless, I managed to finish the task and here’s the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Cut Out in all its glory:



And one more just because I can. What an awesome thing, those leftie scissors are!



so, that’s how my weekend ended. Happy Monday to you all. Oh, and here’s some extra reading if you want to learn about the grievances of left-handed people in a right-handed world

27 Soul-Crushing Problems Only Left-Handed People Understand

The struggle is real, yo!

5 thoughts on “It’s The Little [Leftie] Things

  1. savemefrombpd says:

    I feel your pain even though I am not a leftie! Wow it must be so annoying and hard! That’s a lovely gift to receive. I hope you will make good use out of them!! So far, so good!

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