Surviving is not living

Of pain life is made

intense pain and grief.

In pain we are born

and in pain we leave.

We may loudly profess

our chains we can break

But the embrace of the shackles

no, that, we can’t shake.

Hoodwinked and confounded

we reach for the stars

forgetting our fetters

despite the old scars.

Cruel are the gods

always laughing at us

hurdles and moats

putting in our paths

And what do we get?

and for what, I do ask

well, nothing but pain

now, where is that mask?

Who mourns our losses,

who dries our tears?

We’re here to entertain them

throughout the long years.

Surviving is not living

but that’s all we can do

and then one day, maybe

we will be gods too.

9 thoughts on “Surviving is not living

  1. peady says:


    I agree. Surviving is not living. We have to dig deep and rise above mere survival.

    It takes a village! It takes a tribe.

    Live everyday. Don’t just survive.

  2. No Blog Intended says:

    Stunning, really… This summer I sometimes really wondered if there perhaps was someone, like a god, laughing at me everytime he gave me bad news. Someone playing a sick joke on me.
    You just never know, right? ;)

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