At least we have Spring

These days I’m too overwhelmed to blog.

Although life in Windsor seems to be getting to be the way life is in any other place, I just can’t shake the sadness.

Satchie is still missing so that is a big contributor to it.

Also people never seem to amaze me. There is no limit to the level of disappointment people will give you. Plus I am easily disappointed too. Not precisely a good combination. But thing is, I am always honest. What you see is what you get, there are no surprises with me. I don’t put up a nice facade to make people like me only to let them discover the true me months later. And very stupidly, very naively, I think everybody is the same. I take everything at face value and therefore most of the time I end up hitting a wall. Awesome.

Also, still not ready to tell the account of the winter months. The pain is still to near.

But, two weekends ago, I gather enough courage to try and go to the States for the first time since that blasted day last December…. and they let me in! So I was in Lansing for 6 days.

The border agent was very clear that that doesn’t mean I’m good to cross every time. There is still a chance some time or another they will send me back again. And they’ll hassle me every single time. But it is progress nonetheless.

On the other hand, Spring is here! Soon there will be flowers all around. One thing about Windsor is that it is much warmer than Ottawa. That’s good.

Hope everybody is enjoying spring already or that it soon gets to your corner of the world. I may not visit your blogs but I still think of all of you.

Pretending I can still climb trees

Pretending I can still climb trees

Just to show you that I haven’t forgotten how to smile…

4 thoughts on “At least we have Spring

  1. rickvaughn says:

    I’m glad you got in, Claudia, at least for a few days. It may not seem like much right now, but it’s progress. About 30 years ago, my family vacationed one summer in Lansing. I remember it as VERY HUMID!

    Also, did you ask neighbors at your old place to keep an eye out for your cat? It’s possible she tried to go “home”…. 😉🐱🏠

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      Yes! It is a good start. Hopefully in a few years they’ll stop being such idiots altogether.

      I let everybody in Ottawa, including her vet, to keep an eye on Satchie back in December but perhaps it’s time to send reminders

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