Customer Service For Dummies*

* And by this, I don’t mean in the widely popular Stuff For Dummies Book Series sense but how to do customer service with dummies like me.

In case anyone had any doubts I cannot adult. This is the latest proof of it.

When I moved to Windsor, many scary things happened.

The scariest of all was that utilities were not included in the rent anymore.

All of a sudden, I had to take care of an electricity bill, a phone bill and an internet bill. Plus rent. Plus now I own a credit card. That’s five  freaking payments I have to make every month. FIVE. Of course, it was only a matter of time until I was going to fuck it up.

I tried to make things easier for myself and get everything to be automatically deducted from my bank account or my shiny brand new credit card.

No dice.

The most I could do for rent is an electronic payment via email. But that is still a win in book. At least I don’t have to write a stupid cheque every month.

If there is a way to sign up for automatic payments for the electricity bill, haven’t figured it out yet.

I was, however, able to set up automatic payments via credit card for my phone bill.

I thought I had done the same for my internet bill.

Why can’t my phone carrier and my internet carrier be one and the same?

Yes, yes. I know the big carriers provide that. Thank you, but no thank you. By switching to a small carrier, I chopped my phone bill to exactly half, while going from 1GB of data/ month to unlimited data every month. So I am sticking with them

Right. Payments. I managed to do O.K. for the months of January, February and March.

Come April and all hell brakes lose. On April 3rd, I realized I had still not payed rent. UGH. I rushed to my phone to make the electronic payment. I am supposed to get late fee charges starting the 2nd, I think. Late, schlate. In the big scheme of things, not a biggie, right? Right.

Wait, it gets better.

While on my way to Lansing, I got a bunch of text messages and emails from Wind letting me know I was late with my phone bill.

Say whaaaaaat?

I ignored them because they said that if you already have made a payment, you should ignore the message. Since I am all set up for automatic payments, my conscience was clear. Nonetheless, I kept getting emails about the same thing. Most annoying.

Fine. I decided to log in and find out what the hell was going on. Phone app kept telling me my postal code was wrong. Seriously?

I finally got tired and called them instead to make a phone payment. Which I did. Even got a shiny confirmation email for it.

Then I got yet another email saying I was still late with my bill. And this is where it gets embarrassing to the point of being painful.

A week and a half of a ping-pong match of emails between customer service and myself followed. I got more and more frustrated to the point of telling them to get their act together since I could not, for the life of me, understand how it was they could not find any trace of my payment when I was even giving them the confirmation number of said transaction. I mean, right? I am giving you the damn confirmation number. Why can’t you find the payment?

I was so frustrated I decided to forward them the confirmation email instead of just giving them the confirmation number.

That’s when I realized the enormity of my idiocy.

After a good five minutes of unsuccessful searches for that blasted email, it dawned on me I had been mistaken all the while: The confirmation email was for a payment to WIND while my ping-pong match was with Teksavvy.


How does one apologize for such an idiotic mistake?

I did humbly try and explain. I did humbly apologize. Both in private and in public.

Teksavvy people were very gracious. Both in private and in public. Just as they have been all along in private. Looking back now, I am amazed they were so gracious all along when I so insisted I had made the payment already.

Whether they are masters in Customer Service/PR or they are indeed that gracious IRL, I’ve got to give them major props.

I -again, publicly and sincerely apologize for the grief I caused that poor accounting department person. They truly have the patience of Job.

I learned a valuable lesson two days ago. Several, actually.

1. I can’t adult. Not matter what, I just can’t trust myself anymore.

2. Always be kind, no matter how frustrated you are. Because you never know if the other person may actually be right.

3. Did I tell you I cannot adult?

4 thoughts on “Customer Service For Dummies*

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      heh, it is a different world for sure. But back in the time of payment in person, I am sure I would have failed as well. Although I am sure seeing the actual bill on your table was a good reminder, I prefer living in this time cause at least the carbon print is a lot less. I’ve chosen electronic billing for all my bills :)

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