The Bullying Game

Well, I guess I can say I’ve gone through all the Stages of Loss and Grief in the last five days.

There was isolation, there was bargaining, there was depression, there was anger (oh, there was anger!) and I reached acceptance about 20 minutes ago.

I planned on writing a post this morning on compassion, as I reached acceptance while having breakfast. But that’ll have to wait because I’m afraid there was a new development (is that a redundancy, new development? like added bonus?).

Anyway, the redundant new development sent me back into depression, another little bit of bargaining (if only I had waited a little longer to release the two spayed females), lots of crying, an anxiety episode and lots of anger.

I had therapy/counselling today at 11 am. I was running late and only made to the bus stop when my counselor and I agree it was better to reschedule so I could have a full hour.

Decided to walk to the pharmacy to pick up my medication instead. When I came home, I found this on my door

Well, I panicked. I thought they were going to come and take the cats away and put me in prison or something.

OK, maybe not prison. But I was thinking of that stupid $60 fine.

The bylaw says one can’t have more than four cats. Currently I have eight.

Sounds like I am in violation of the bylaw… except that I am fostering five of them. I knew people foster cats all the time but I still panicked.

Then I had the presence of mind to post on a facebook group for feral caregivers. They explained to me that indeed foster cats don’t count for the bylaw. Call the officer, they said. Explain the situation.

I did call but got the voicemail. Left a message. Two more hours of anxiety.

People on the group – incredibly supportive all of them, said, call again. You are not in trouble. As soon as you tell the officer you are fostering for the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society (WEHS) he’ll leave you alone.

I called again. This time the officer did pick up. I introduced myself, said I was calling regarding his note. He said they had received a call complaining that I had eight cats in my flat.

Gee, I wonder who called. And how they knew I had exactly eight cats. Unless that someone is the same asshole someone who trapped mama cat and her five kittens and dumped them at WEHS.

The officer asked me the mandatory questions, I gave him all the answers and my contact at WEHS.

That was the end of it.

He was super nice about it.

They are not impounding the kittens, I didn’t get any fines, and I am not going to prison.


Asshole neighbour, though.

But! I am back to the acceptance stage. I have an asshole neighbour. I can live with that.

In the mean time, I have five wonderful kittens that’ll all go to good homes. And a good community that supports me.

I call that a win.

This bully will not break my spirit!

2 thoughts on “The Bullying Game

  1. Cat says:

    Ugh I’m sorry the neighbour is being such a prick, but he’ll be raging to find out you didn’t get into trouble after all :-)

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