Dandelion, dandelion

[One of] today’s million musings:

I love dandelions. I know they are considered weeds but I think they are beautiful. They have a beautiful yellow colour when in flower (I mean, who can stay grumpy when such a happy colour is around) and then they transform in this gorgeous creation of nature (as if the flower alone weren’t an impressive work or art already).

I love the science of symmetry behind if and love the fun it provides. Fibonacci FTW.

Just try it. Get one of those and blow with all your might. I dare you not to giggle while doing it. Make a wish while you are at it. Who knows, maybe it’ll come true.

And! if all that weren’t enough, dandelions are the first food for our precious bees.

One of the reasons bee populations are dwindling – other than the evil pesticides, of course – is people’s infuriating [to me] love of manicured lawns. When everybody decided dandelions were weeds and therefore verboten from pretty lawns, bees were left without an early spring food source.

So I went to my garden and took these pictures.


Some people are like dandelions too. Others consider them useless, ugly weeds but I see them for the beautiful souls they are.

Hope you are having a great week!

18 thoughts on “Dandelion, dandelion

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      I agree. That is what I believe as well. But I was referring to the fact that sadly, some people look down on other people, like they are less important. They see them as weeds (dandelions) but I see them as beautiful wild flowers :(

  1. purplemary54 says:

    Dandelions are a favorite of mine, too. At my alma mater, there’s a fountain that looks just like a dandelion (although it’s probably off right now because of the drought).

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