Compulsory Summer Solstice post of the year

19 days till the June Solstice, otherwise known around this latitudes as the:

Summer Solstice

I have explained here and  here and here  and here and here  what’s the deal with me and the Solstice. It is basically -and literally – all over my blog.

So there. In case you were wondering what was up with the title of this blog.

Here’s the thing. Birthdays are special in my family.

We get together, we eat lots of cake, we sing, we hug, we dance, we make toasts, we get silly, it is awesome!

Little SSG

Little SSG

Above is a picture of my second birthday. See? It was a big deal. Just take a look at that awesome birthday cake.

Thus, I always make a big deal out of everybody’s birthday and I certainly make a big deal out of my own. Like, EVERY YEAR. Because my mommy taught me so.

Besides, cake.

Birthday Cake

This year, I decided I needed some extra niceness in my life what with all the drama, loss and pain I’ve had in the last year. I decreed I should have a birthday party.

Moreover, I have this amazing backyard that is practically begging for a summer party. Add to that the fact that my birthday – AND the Solstice, happen on a Sunday this year.

Summer Solstice + Amazing Backyard + Sunday = Super Awesome Summer Solstice Birthday Tea Party



I created the mandatory FB event, invited all the people I know here in Windsor, plus some people from close cities plus Sid and the Sidlets, duh!.

I was so excited! They were so excited! It was going to be so much fun!

I couldn’t wait to make my own banners and signs and stuff. Even ordered a pinwheel punch board to make lots of pinwheels for the party.

But then, She-Who-MustNot-Be-Named decided to ruin my birthday by getting last minute, non-refundable tickets to wherever to spend the longest day of the year there with the Sidlets.

I am very sad and I have it on good authority that at least Sidlet 2 is as well.

So, no  Super Awesome Summer Solstice Birthday Tea Party for me this year, after all.

At least not on the Summer Solstice.

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