Losing Time

Well, I was going to write a post.

I think I sat in front of the computer about 1.5 hrs ago.

I think.

I didn’t write anything and I don’t even remember what I was going to write about.

1.5 hrs have gone by.

I lost that time.


Losing time is an expression I coined when I was in graduate school. I have no idea if someone else has been using it all along or if it is entirely mine.

In any case, that is what I call it.

Losing time.

It happens. I don’t know how often because… I lose time.

All I know is lists get made but at the end of the day most items are still un-checked.

I keep losing time.


Oh yeah….

The neighbours are back at it. A fresh new round of insults, mocking and threats to send my cats to the pound. Mentions of lawyers.

Isn’t it nice to be called* a bitch when you are getting ready to go to bed? It certainly does wonders for your sleeping patterns.


My poor mental health.

* Screamed at, from the house next door, rather. And then they complain I am at the window, spying on them. Wouldn’t you go to the window to see what’s the screaming all about? Such incongruity.

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