Welcome to Canada

So, last night, just before 10 pm I think, I heard “something, something BITCH” yelled by the woman next door.

It seemed even louder due to the quietness of the evening.

I looked at Sid, Sid looked at me, we both shrugged and made here-we-go-again faces as the yelling rant went something like this:

YES, WELCOME TO CANADA, BITCH. IT’S FREE… IT’S MY YARD, BITCH… I wonder if she is recording everything I say… mumble, mumble BITCH.

After a couple more something, something BITCH-es, she went back inside and the evening continued as quiet as it was.

We were speechless, as usual.

Apparently being in Canada, means to be free to verbally abuse your neighbour.


Needless to say, I am very grateful for the education.

Especially considering Canada Day is just a couple of days away! I am determined to become the best Canadian I can be.

What other advice do you have on being a good Canadian?

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Canada

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      hahahaha I never say anything back to them. But I sometimes wonder how would they like it to be treated as badly as they treat me. I wonder if they would just brush it away and ignore it or if they’re get angry. And if the latter, what makes them think that kind of behaviour is okay when directed toward others but not okay when it is directed at them…

      Not that I’ll ever find out because I am not the kind of person to ever treat another human being in such a way

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