ADHD-addled Monday Musings

Well, I am crumbling under the weight of anxiety.

Between last week’s missing appointments and the sad, sad news about Swing Dynamite, I am completely bummed.

I am experiencing severe allergy episodes that are barely kept at bay with allergy medicine.

I had not had those since my teen and early 20s.

I am raking my brain trying to find the cause but so far I only have conjectures. I know I am highly allergic to grass – yes, grass, can you believe that? – but I am careful not to let it touch my skin when I’m out.

I haven’t changed any of the soap brands I use and I wear gloves whenever I do the dishes or clean.

So yeah, I have a few hypotheses but haven’t been able to prove – or disprove- any.

Maybe these episodes are caused by the anxiety itself.

After all, my face can attest of a seborrhoeic dermatitis flare-up

I’m trying hard not to lose control.

I’m reading a lot (yay, books). Just finished the Odd Thomas series among others. I enjoyed it very much but I have to say the last book was a disappointment. Too many loose ends left when that was intended as the end of the series which in my mind means it ought to wrap things up and give resolution. Oh well.

Just started the Meratis Trilogy. So far, so good.

I have kept up with the paper crafting and that is fun.  Here, let me show you the last couple of things I made:

I also tend to my plants and that makes me happy too.

My carnation plant is blooming again. They are tiny miniature carnations and they are adorable

I have no home internet as my modem decided to give up on me. It’s been about ten days and I haven’t dealt with it because I dread calling tech support. However, it is quite stupid to pay for a service I am not enjoying so I’ll have to do it like, yesterday.

If anything, because blogging from the phone is a total pain in the ass.

Can summer be over yet?

There is a reason I moved to Canada!

Just kidding. The cold and the snow weren’t the only reason for moving here, but it was definitely the most compelling one.

I am thinking how nice it would be to spend September to May in Canada and then May to September in New Zealand. Pure bliss.

Except for that one June Solstice I want to spend in Norway, of course.


Here’s a picture of Mama Cat’s peanut butter footsie for no reason at all.

Or rather, because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a picture of a cat, n’est-ce pas?

In the end, I’m not starving, I am not homeless and the birds are still singing.

And then there’s cats.

That is enough to keep on smiling, right?

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