My first Comic Convention

Last weekend, Sid  The 11th Doctor and I attended the [first ever] Windsor ComiCon.

Incidentally, it was also my first ever con. Sid’s  11’s  too. We both were Comic Con virgins.

So it was all kind of fitting.

I was volunteering so we arrived nice and early on Saturday, hours before the doors opened. There was a big line already and either our costumes were really good or people were not very familiar with cosplay cause we got a lot of stares. I remember thinking at that point “I hope a lot more people come in character cause that’s where the fun is”.

I reported – or rather tried to, but nobody seemed to know where to direct me. After a good ten minutes of walking around asking people with ComiCon Organizer badges, we finally found someone who knew where the volunteer coordinator was.

I was assigned to the Artist Alley [score!] and at that point it occurred to me to ask if they had a need for more volunteers. Apparently something went wrong with the system and their volunteers never got their shifts so the volunteer coordinator was happy to get an extra helping hand. We got a mini info session on the spot and off we went to our posts to wait for the doors to open and the crowds of geeks and nerds to come in.

They didn’t disappoint.

There were a good number of seriously awesome cosplays, of which I have ZERO pictures because my stupid phone kept dying on me. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I need an extra charger for my next con.

11 on volunteer duty

Unsuspecting 11 ended up on volunteer duty

Oh, and Sid is too modest to tell you, but he got lots and lots of compliments on his costume and even people asking to get their picture taken with him!

I got to meet, talk, get a picture with and hug Marina Sirtis so I was in heaven.

We had intended to attend only on Saturday but since we ended up volunteering, we got a weekend pass as a perk. Which was nice.  That meant I ended up whipping up a costume at the last minute on Sunday. I kid you not. I even had my chosen outfit for the day on the bed already. Then I remember my awesome find the day before: the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. badge holder. And since I had spent nearly an hour and a half that morning trying to print my badge (can you believe the printer doesn’t have a special agent badge option for sizes? unreal) I thought, oh what the hell, why not? Ta – da! I dressed as… well… Special Agent Petrilli. But with Agent May in mind.

Below are the very few pictures I got. Oh, and I lied. I did get a picture, one lousy picture of one of my favourite cosplays on Saturday, the Ghostbusters.

Con First Day

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Con Second Day

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fun times.

Next stop, London Comic Con next month!

Hell, yes! Pun intended*

*Hellboy will be there.

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