Suicide is NOT a joke

Are you ready to be outraged?

Warning: Suicide triggers





Not quite ouraged yet? Keep reading.

Not only someone does sell this t-shirt – and how anyone in their right minds can even think of making such a thing, anyway- but it is found in the funny t-shirts section of a British t-shirt website. The. funny. t-shirt. section. Among t-shirts like these:

Which, granted, are different degrees of funny. Personally, I don’t care for gass-passing jokes or the action itself but I know plenty of people who find both hilarious. Shrug. But I’d definitely wear the first one.

Here’s the path to it:

Home > Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny Images T Shirts > Womens Funny Stick Figures T Shirts

Compare to this one:

Home > Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny Jokes T Shirts > Womens Funny Fart Jokes T Shirts

I assume they have them in the men’s section as well. Frankly, I was too upset to look. They also have a children’s section. I hope for all that is good they don’t have it there. I don’t want to go back to that site.

Amazon also sells them. There is a petition asking them to remove the products from their site:

Remove suicide shirts from Amazon

The petition is gaining momentum as it has been featured in some news networks.

The latest update from the petition site says

It looks like and have pulled the suicide shirt, and has pulled the image of at least the women’s one. The Canadian site is still selling them however, along with (France) and (Germany).

Please feel free to sign the petition and share the heck out of it with your networks.

But it shouldn’t stop there. We also need to add pressure on any other website that sells them or any other similar products.

There’s still much to do in our and we have a long way to go in creating awareness and breaking the stigma. But together, we can make a difference.

Suicide (and mental illness) is NOT a joke

13 thoughts on “Suicide is NOT a joke

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      Thank you so much for sharing. I am still very upset. My face is hot and my heart is racing. As you say, I still have a hard time believing it… And at the same time I don’t. Isn’t it sad, my lack of faith in humanity?

  1. The Brain in the Jar says:

    I actually find these pretty funny (But I’m also a part of the suicide community that organizations try so hard to repress or, more correctly, rape). Still, they’re inappropriate. This is a very dark subject and you can’t laugh about it anywhere. I hope they get taken down.

    • Summer Solstice Girl says:

      It is very interesting. A friend of mine wrote right about the same thing on Facebook. I asked what was it that he found funny but he hasn’t replied yet. I know humour is a very personal thing. For example I find the squirrel jokes hilarious but other people with ADHD find offensive. However, I have to say the suicide watch shirt triggered me. The got suicide? I only found inappropriate but the other one definitely caused physical reactions in me. Mind telling me in which way it is funny for you? I truly want to understand

      • The Brain in the Jar says:

        Frankly, I find suicide prevention far more triggering than any of these shirts. At least these are jokes. Suicide prevention is an infringement on the right to die.

        I guess it’s punny side of ‘suicide watch’, and the absurd. No one reacts like this when someone kills themselves. It’s not a sophisticated joke but I was amsued.

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