What do you know?


Today, I took a shower for the first time in a week.

I also went out for a little walk.

Yay, me.

First, I went to the Asian store at the end of the block and got my favourite filipino bread, the one that tastes just like Colombian bread. It is called Pan de Leche and it is delicious.

Then I went to my favourite restaurant (Ruby, I thought of you). That was my reward for getting out of bed, showering and going out.

And then when I got back home, I found this!


Squeeee! I love getting snail mail.

As it turned out, I was one of the winners of a super fun quiz over at Animal Couriers and the prize was this awesome calendar. Oh how I wish Animal Couriers also operated in Canada. My darling Satchie wouldn’t be lost if they did. Sigh


Thank you so much Animal Couriers. The postcard is already on my fridge, in the company of a card from a great artist and owner of another one of my favourite blogs, TJ Lubrano, and magnets from TJ, the MET, the ROM… and hmmm I thought I had a magnet from the Smithsonian as well…

I thoroughly enjoyed my little walk. It wasn’t that big, just 15 min to the restaurant and then 15 min back to my place. But I loved feeling the cold air on my face and looking at the beautiful moon as I walked. My right hip wasn’t very happy and by the time I got home my left elbow and shoulder were aching a bit from using the cane. But I ignored it all. I was just happy to be walking, to be outside.

I doesn’t mean I am out of the woods. It doesn’t mean that magically I am not depressed anymore.

But good days are to be celebrated because life is too short and we never know when it is going to be over.

So, yeah.

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