My life as a Russian Roulette

My comeback post on A Canvas of the Minds.

Please hop on there to read it. As usual, it is not an easy read but as with everything else I write, it is an honest account of what goes on inside the Summer Solstice Girl’s mind

Source: My life as a Russian Roulette


One thought on “My life as a Russian Roulette

  1. carolineturriff says:

    I so relate to this post as my life has also been severely damaged by PTSD. It started when my mother was very threatening to me as a child and I thought I was going to be murdered in my bed at her house. I developed OCD searching all over the house for serial killers planning hiding places and escape routes from the serial killers. Then in later life I thought random groups from the television were going to come and kill me. I had to completely stop watching the news which was very frustrating as my career was a journalist. Although I have had EMDR (have you tried it?) I still can’t watch any violent or serial killer films. I’m 11 years clean this week but the PTSD has sometimes made my recovery a nightmare. Luckily it and all my other mental health problems are now in recovery.

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