Such an SSG thing to do

It was about mid-January when I realized Valentine’s Day was coming up.

I set up to make some valentines card to sell. Got my computer and designed something close to 20 cards. I was on a roll. I spent about a week designing them and I have to say I was very happy with the results.

Then it was time to get to the actual paper cutting, die-cutting, glueing, etc.  That’s when I realized I was out of glue.

Went to the one and only craft store here and they didn’t have it. So I ordered online.

It finally arrived on February 1.

I had hoped to have the cards ready to sell by that date but okay. I said to myself, “Myself, it’ll be ok. You’ll have the cards ready in a couple of days and then you can start selling them”.


Well, I am not even finished today. Between the awful streak of nightmares, the foster kittens having their spay/neutered surgeries. The two boy kittens burning their noses misplacing my phone for two days and some other things, I was just losing it.

Bloody PTSD.

Anyway, I have made ten so far, I think. I have four more already cut. All I need to do is putting them together. And I am stopping there.

No way I’m going to sell any of them, I don’t think.

But they sure are pretty. And geeky/nerdy too.

I uploaded the photos to my Facebook page. Hop there to take a look, if you can. They really are cute. And geeky/Nerdy. Here’s the linky: Geek Squared Art.

If you like what you see, feel free to like the page too.

And if you happen to be in Windsor, also feel free to buy one :)

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