Winds of Change

The winds is changing.

And it is bringing big changes to Geek Squared Art.

Source: The Wind Is Changing


4 thoughts on “Winds of Change

      • Laura P. Schulman, MD, MA says:

        Oh, sorry! “Dish” means, as far as I can explain it, like…”OK, tell what you’re hinting at” or, “give us the story, don’t be such a tease,” like that. Por ejemplo, if I were to say, rolling my eyes provocatively, “omigod,” and you said, “what,” and I kind of shrugged my shoulders, you could say, “DISH!” because you knew there was something and I was, like, waiting for you to say that, and then I said, “omigod, you will NEVER guess who I went out with last night,” and you waited a bit, but I didn’t say anything so you shouted “DISH!!!” And I dished it: “JOHNNY DEPP!!!” (fine print: I would really like to spend a few days “interviewing” Johnny Depp, but he’s probably married, and even if he wasn’t it would be too dangerous because he plays gypsy guitar, like, really well, and that is dangerous. to me.) There. I dished.

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