Art & Science and Oh, squeeee!

I went on the intertubes to look for Illustrator tutorials. I swear.

Somehow I got tricked into reading the articles suggested on my Medium digest.

But that was okay because one of the suggested articles had the words Art, Math and Science in its title. I mean, I just had to read it, right? It also had a preview of a delightful illustration, the kind I had always dreamed of creating myself. Sealed, signed and delivered. I had no choice.

The more I read, the more squeeing noises were heard at my place.

I was that little girl too. What you see below is a fairly accurate representation of the shape of my dreams when I was in elementary school.


Yes, I loved art! Art by @sailorhg

Every year at the beginning of the school year, I’d get a 48 Prismacolour set. That green you see there? That was always the first one to go.


and god, yes, I loved science! Art by @sailorhg


But I too was made to feel it was either, or.

Art and science illustration

It was sad. Art by @sailorhg

So I chose science.

However, there was always a big void in my life, a big longing. But life has a way of getting in the way of the really important things. There were kids to feed, clothes to wash, textbooks to read, patients to heal, experiments to watch. No room for coloured pencils or sketch books.

Be that as it may, life also has a way of fixing itself up sometimes. Or at least of giving us a chance to stop and reconsider our options, our dreams.

Those who have been following my journey for a while (hey, thank you so much for sticking around, you rock!), will remember how I started drawing again during my three week hospital stay roughly three years ago.

A dear friend supported my born again Little Artist after I was discharged by enabling me with a beautiful gift of coloured pencils and a sketch book. Then I got more coloured pencils because a girl’s got to have all the colours in the spectrum. That followed with felt pens and more sketch books.

Then came Geek Squared Art.

Just yesterday, I downloaded Illustrator. A long, painful learning curve awaits me, I know. But I’ll tackle it with the same resolution I did molecular biology.

I’m nothing if not stubborn.

Workspace (1)

Art by moi

PS: My mother wanted me to go into Engineering or Industrial Design. I went for Medicine instead. Mothers know best? heh

PPS: That last illustration is mine. I just forgot to watermark it, as usual.

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