March Equinox


A month ago, I decided to revive Geek Squared Art idea and give it a decent website. One that was professional looking – if artistic.

Shortly after – like three seconds in – I realized I had to hone my web design skills, if I wanted to do it myself instead of paying a web designer to do it.

Mad gathering of resources and lots of reading followed. I also realized I needed to get good a graphic design if I wanted the site too look the way I want it to look.

After all, Geek Squared Art is all about arts & crafts. You can’t have an arts & crafts website and fill it with lousy graphics. It just won’t do.

Therefore, on top of becoming fluent in wordpressese, I had to take myself to a decent level of mastery of a graphic platform. I was thinking Gimp, but in very SSG fashion, I decided one night to take the plunge and tackle Illustrator. I was terrified… mortified… petrified… stupefied… by it. Totally intimidated.

Annie for Animal Couriers, the wise woman she is, predicted I would love it.

Well, not only I loved it, I became addicted to it. Hooked.

Adobe is an enabler. If Illustrator was a person, I’d marry it and had its babies.

As a result, a month later the websites remain the same, but I keep pumping graphics out like the addict I am.

And because you are so nice, I’m going to share with you a few examples of what I’ve done.

Now, keep in mind I have very little air miles with Illustrator, so they are very simple.

I used of the arrival of the March Equinox – which is Vernal (a.k.a. first day of Spring) for us in the northern hemisphere and Autumnal for folks in the southern one – as an excuse to make the graphic you see below.

Spring Equinox

It went largely ignored on Facebook, though. It fared a bit better on Instagram but nobody made a single reference to the geekiness of it and that made me sad. On the other hand, nobody said anything about astrology either. The latter would have just killed me.

It portrays the constellation of Aries above and below, a super cute bunny wabbit with a flower crown to signify the arrival of spring. And in case that wasn’t obvious enough, I put the word Spring on the vase.

You see, the the March Equinox is the moment when the sun crosses the sky to return to the north after having a nice vacation in the south. Of the celestial equator, that is.

The point that marks this celestial event used to be in the constellation of Aries but due to the way the earth’s axis orientation changes through time, is now located in the constellation of Pisces. Roughly 600 years from now, it will be in Aquarius.

Because of this, I thought of using Pisces for the graphic but then thought that people might get confused since said point is still known as First Point of Aries despite being in Pisces. That is why you see Aries in the graphic.

I took great care to have the stars’ sizes reflect their real apparent magnitude. From left to right, δ Arietis, ε Arietis, 41 Arietis, α Arietis, β Arietis and γ Arietis.

Normally, I put the G2A space rocket at the bottom of the graphic as way of a watermark. But since the graphic was about the stars, I decided to put it on the left corner to make it look like it was travelling across the constellation. Frankly, I thought it was a stroke of genius.

However, nobody commented on it which I take it to mean nobody saw the connection. Or maybe it is not as genius as I thought it was.

Yeah, I am feeling sorry for myself.


Where was I?…

Oh right,graphics. I also made this one, as a cover photo for the Geek Squared Art Facebook page.

Vernal Equinox

And this one for the Summer Solstice Musings Facebook Page – which by the way, you should totally like because the content there is completely different from (but related to) the content here. More focused on advocacy for environmental issues, animal rights, women’s issues, civil rights and social justice in general, and less on the quirkiness that is the Summer Solstice Girl.

Vernal Equinox JPEG

And then this one for the Little Miss Satchie Facebook Page – which I only recommend you to like if you really, really, really like cats. Because it is all about cats and nothing but the cats there.

Hello Spring

I also made a bunch of graphics for St. Paddy’s but this post is long already so maybe I’ll make another one for them. Or, you can go to the pages and see them there. See what I did there?

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you all had a great March equinox – vernal or autumnal depending on where you live.


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