Remember when last year I miss three appointments in a row, all within the same week?

Well, I have a series of appointments coming up and it is very important I don’t miss them. The first two for tests, the last one with a specialist. Then off I go to the hospital for yet another procedure (date to be determined on the 15).

Monday, March 28. Noon

Monday, April 4. Noon

Friday April 15, 11 am.

All of you that offered to help me with that, your help is most welcomed.

My internal clock is all shifted again. For a little while I had a more conventional circadian rhythm but for the last month or so I’m back to regularly going to bed around 4 am and getting up at 2-3 pm. That won’t do.

Adulting is hard!

Or rather, trying to fit in a neurotypical world when you are so neurodiverse is hard!

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