May the Fourth

I am so excited that I finally have a way to get these ideas of mine out of my mind and express them in a graphic way*. What is a wonderful feeling.

Wish I had taken up on Illustrator years ago instead of letting it intimidate me.

I still don’t know how to use every tool in the app but my, the things I can already do! Sometimes it truly feels like “accio illustration” and there it is.

So, me being me, I had to make something for May the fourth. Behold and be amazed… no, just kidding. Just behold.

May the fourth - 1 resized

amazed, I am

May the fourth - Cover 1 resized

Made this one as the cover photo for the G2A Facebook page

I am amazed, though. I can hardly believe I made that.

Then it was off to the hospital for a CT scan. Because me, being me, I had to add more items my ever growing list of health issues. After months of having UTI symptoms without actual infection, I was sent to a specialist. An ultrasound showed some enlargement of the central area of both my kidneys, thus the scan. Sigh.

At the Met

At the waiting lounge, in quite a bit of pain but rocking my Yoda t-shirt

On my way back home, a girl told me she loved my t-shirt and then said “May the Fourth be with you” to me. Achievement unlocked!

So yeah. Did you celebrate Star Wars Day in any way?

May the Fourth be with you all, always.


* Wait… graphic means something else in English, doesn’t it?

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