This blog is not called Summer Solstice Musings for nothing.

I blog about everything and anything I muse about. And I muse a lot. More often than not, I have a bazillion musings happening at the same time. Blame it on my ADHD (it’s quite the party inside my mind).

I blog about life, about being a Latin immigrant in the Great White North. About my cats. My cats have their own blogs, the brats. Always stealing computer time from me.

I blog about my dancing. Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Blues. Dancing is a continuous source of joy. Sadly, I haven’t been able to dance for a while due to chronic joint pain.

I blog about social injustice, the weather and my hobbies. About my travels, my hopes, my dreams. What makes me happy, what makes me proud, what makes me sad. About what makes me laugh and what makes me cry.

And -of course, I blog about my various mental illnesses (PTSD, Depression, ADHD). The nightmares. The coping. The struggles. The losses. The wins.

Sometimes this is a happy blog, sometimes this is a sad blog. Sometimes this is a fun blog and some other times this is a serious blog.

In other words, it is the Summer Solstice Girl unfiltered and uncensored. Enter at your own risk.

All that said, if you are here, I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog. A warm welcome to you.  Hope you enjoy the experience!


NOTE: If you struggle with mental illnesses of your own, please be careful. There might be some triggers in here for you.

14 thoughts on “

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    I have to laugh at the picture “quite the party in my head” conjures for me – it makes it seem a happy place, even if everyone is dodging the bazillion musings bouncing around in there.

  2. waywardweed says:

    Hi SummerSolsticeGirl,
    I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. If you are interested you can check it out on my blog under “Awards.” In the meantime keep on writing and enlightening others about mental illness. I enjoy your sense of humor.
    Stay well. Nancy (Waywardweed)

  3. jlpiallat says:

    I love your blogs, your photos are very beautiful. I’ll be back… I also have a second blog on old pictures.
    SENSUALITE | La beauté à l’état pure

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