That dreaded four letter word

Guess what?

I listened to all your advice and went for waiting until Christmas to give out on being back to my old me and giving away my pretty dresses and skirts.

It also has to do with the fact that most of the costumes I have to wear belong to the dance school. They were bought and fitted for me. Staying at this weight would also mean a lot of altering for those costumes and I am not even sure some of them can be altered to accommodate that much extra weight

All that means of course is one thing. The one thing I’ve never done. D-I-E-T

And counting calories. Le ugh.

So, I finally broke down and started a diet… of sorts. Within a few hours of my Dilemma post,I got two private messages from two different friends (one in Colombia and one in Canada) who are going through the same issue and they offered their advice. They both recommended this nifty app called My Fitness Pal.

I downloaded it immediately and started to play with it. The learning curve was a bit steep but after a couple of days I got the gist of it and now I love it.

It helps me keep track of the calories I am consuming, the calories I’m burning and lets me know how much I can eat. It’s quite good. I didn’t have to stop eating anything I like. I am still having dessert, for example.


Here’s an example from today. At the point when I took the screen shot, I still had 748 calories left. So I had ice cream :)

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Life is full of dilemmas, I know. Some are relatively easy to resolve, some others may not even have a winning outcome.

This one is on the easy side of the spectrum. But it’s a dilemma, nonetheless.

In the months after my big surgery in January… wait… Oh, fancy that, a year yesterday… anyway, in the months after the surgery, I went from size 2 to size 6. That means that 1/3 of my clothes are now fitting really tight and the other 2/3s I can’t zip up anymore. That includes gorgeous dresses and skirts and pretty much all of my pants.

I have avoided buying clothes because I figured it would be a matter of time to shed those extra pounds (15). I haven’t done any kind of dieting. I have never been on a diet in my life and I wouldn’t even know where to start. Well, I exaggerate. I do know where to start, I have an MD degree for crying out loud, but I like being dramatic for the argument’s sake.

I figured that just being back at training would suffice so I didn’t worry too much despite being uncomfortable with the whole issue.

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It’s Monday again

Which for me, means nothing.  Every day is a Saturday for me.

I love my job.  I can sleep in every day which is very important for me.

You see, ever since I was very little (since I was born, according to the stories from grandma) I’ve been a night owl.  I suspect I have a mutation on one of the genes that control the Circadian clock, most likely the Tim (Timeless) gene because day light (or light of any kind) does not wake me up.  And I also suspect this mutation is hereditary as both my children are night owls as well as my sister.  We simply cannot wake up early in the morning.  We simply cannot go to bed at regular hours.

So both my daughter and I have perfect jobs.  We go to bed around 2 -3 am and wake up around 11 am- noon.  Absolutely perfect.

Anyway, hope you guys had a great weekend.

Mine was pretty good.

On Saturday, I went shopping with my daughter in the afternoon.

I got a wet shirt (like a wet suit but just the shirt) with SPF 50.  Water shoes -they called them aqua socks. Last year my feet were very sore from walking barefoot.  The concrete gets very hot and it actually burns your feet while your walking from one slide to the other.  I was NOT gonna let that happen this time around.  Those shoes feel like a sock actually.  Best $8 I’ve ever spent.  I also got a good pair on sunglasses -albeit very cheap cause they were on sale, so I wouldn’t be heart broken if I lost them.

Unfortunately, the shopping spree took a bit longer than I thought, and I was worried cause I was very tired by the time I got to the studio.

I had figured I’d take a nap between shopping and deejaying and I’d be OK.  When I got home at 8:55, I realized I was deejaying at 9:30 pm and NOT at 11 pm like I had previously thought.  So, I had to forget about the nap, quickly change and run to the studio instead.

In spite of being so tired, the set went very well. I was happy with it and people seemed to like it too cause I got a lot of compliments on it.  I got home at 1:30 am and crashed immediately.

On Sunday, I didn’t want to get up when the alarm went off but then I remembered what the day had to offer and I got up with a smile on my face.

We started the day with a yoga class at the studio.  SO good!  Best way to start a day. Continue reading

My 28-Day Challenge Follow-Up


So, the 28 days ended two days ago. However, I have to say I totally blew it.  Here’s the recap:

My challenge

It all started well. As expected, the push-ups were very difficult and crunches were very easy. However, by the 5th day I could feel my arms getting much stronger and I was actually able to do 10 push-ups in a row! that was a very exciting moment for me.

Then the Canadian Swing Championships came. I didn’t go to compete but I was invited to DJ.  Plus I was there to cheer for my fellow team members -who did extremely well, by the way.

In case you didn’t know, there’s this little thing about me. I’m an accident waiting to happen. I fall down. A lot. All the time. And I break easily as well. 

Now, add this to the equation

Spiral Staircase – view from upstairs
Spiral Staircase – view from downstairs
Yep, that was my room (oh, didn’t I mention the hotel is gorgeous?) 
And yep, you guessed correctly. I did fall down that spiral staircase, re-injuring my right ankle.
Now, in theory,  that shouldn’t have affected my challenge. I could still do crunches and with a little bit of adjusting, I could still do push-ups.  Only that I was angry, and sad, and bummed, and a whole lot of other things I’m not gonna mention here. So I didn’t. Just took lots of painkillers and was gloomy the whole weekend.
I figured I’d catch up once I got home. Didn’t happen.
There! I have no excuse. I blew it.
It looks like another challenge is being issued, starting June 20th. We’ll see how it goes with that one

My 28-Day Challenge

This past Saturday I saw at tweet about someone doing challenge. Me, being me (challenge, anyone?) well, let’s just say I immediately clicked on the link to find out what was it all about.

This is where I was taken: The 28-Day Challenge
Hmmm 100 push-ups every other day & 250 crunches every day for 4 weeks? interesting. This is something I could do – Saturday Me thinks.
Let’s rewind a little. 
Most of you know 2011 has been rather unkind to me. First I got into a minor car accident (for the record, I wasn’t driving) during a snow storm and got whiplash
OK, maybe I should rewind a little bit more
For those of you new to my blog -and my life, I’m a swing dancer. I social dance but I also compete. Last year I was in four teams, three of which are very demanding, requiring some moderately challenging acrobatics like the knickerbocker pictured below
Photo credit: @relishing
So, whiplash. In January. With still half of the choreography for the Nationals to learn for both The Rhythm Blasters and the Dynamite Girls. Gaaaaaaah
I said to myself: Myself, you can do this! 
Thus, I got some rest, took lots of advil, did a lot of stretching and three weeks later went back to training. On the very first practice after the accident, I was assigned a new partner. Then we’re given time to go over the aerials in order to get used to each other. We start by reviewing the knicker and wham! I land badly and sprain my right ankle. 10 weeks off of training again. As a bonus, I’m out of the Nationals as I’ll never be able to get strong enough, learn the choreography and the new formations, etc. Beautiful!
Now, let’s fast-forward to May. I haven’t been able to train for four months. And I’m talking about heavy training. I find myself very de-motivated and gaining weight. I haven’t had the heart to weight myself (I don’t even keep a balance at home) but I know it’s bad when pants and skirts are not only tight but not even zipping up anymore. Damn.  And it’s a vicious cycle. The less physical activity I do, the less I feel like doing any physical activity at all.  Since I’ve been nurturing my ankle back to health I haven’t even been social dancing!
And then… ta da! a challenged is issued. 28 days, push-ups, crunches. I can definitely do that!
Except for the fact that I really suck at push-ups. So in order to to stick to the challenge, I create my own program: the goal will be to be able to do 50 push-ups and 250 crunches by the end of the 28 days.  Preferably –but not necessarily, in a row.
However, given my upper body weakness I decided to start with 20 push-ups (4 series of 5) and then add more as time goes by.  I’m hoping that by the end of the challenge I’ll be able to do 5 series of 10.
As for the crunches, I started with 150 (3 series of 50) but very quickly I realized that was easy so I’m doing now 250 (5 series of 50). My goal is to do progress into doing series of 100 (2 series of 100 and 1 of 50, I suppose) and even better, to be able to do the 250 without stopping. We’ll see.
SO! that’s my challenge. Wish me luck! 
Oh, I also took a few pics so I can do one of those before/after thingies.
Here are the before pictures:
Front: Notice how the waist is gone

Side: I miss my flat tummy

Arms: will my inadequate arms rise to the challenge?

And last but not least, a big SHOUT OUT to DJ Waldow for starting the 28-Day Challenge! Rock on!