Help me replace my dying Laptop

As you know, I’ve got the design bug.

Cover Photo - Top View Desk.jpg

I’ve been teaching myself the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

People tell me I have talent and a good eye for composition. And by people, I mean the pros that have seen my work.

If I say so myself, I’ve made some pretty illustrations.

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But I’ve hit a wall.

One could say that an artist is as good as their tools. And sadly, my poor old laptop, as awesome as it is, can’t handle the requirements of Adobe. Add more than five layers to the artwork and wham, it crashes. (Help me get a new one)

This laptop has served me well. But the time has come for it to get an honourary retirement and move to Florida (or wherever retired laptops go to enjoy their last years in peace and happiness). Continue reading

Something about Movember

I first got acquainted with Movember in June 2010. It was one of those seemingly unrelated series of events that set the fate wheels in motion and by October 2010, I was part of the Canadian side of the Movember Digital Challenge as the Assistant Captain of the Ottawa Chapter (Movember YOW).

That’s how I got to meet a certain Le Clown who was the Captain of the Montreal Chapter (Movember YUL) which by the way, broke all sorts of records that year.

I had a great time, got to meet a lot of wonderful people, got to attend both the Toronto and Montreal Galas and managed to raise more than $1000 all by myself! (I honestly can’t remember how much my team raised but it was nowhere as near as the wildly successful Movember YUL)

At my friend’s place, about to leave for the Toronto Gala

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A magnet for causes?

Even when I’m not looking, I get tricked into supporting a cause.

That figures

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know about my commitment with making Childhood Sexual Abuse a thing of the past.  Before that, I worked for a little while with Movember.

But this one is very different.  And special.

It involves an exceptional woman and her very own quest to help those – to put it in her own words, “who, in absence of bad luck, wouldn’t have any at all.”

It all happened because of Twitter [doesn’t it all?].

One day, a tweep of mine [@map_maker if you must know] tagged me in a reply to @relishing, suggesting me as a “Stranger”.  Of course I was like, say what? My tweep/friend procceded to show me her pictures and explained about the 100 Strangers photography project.  I thought the idea fascinating and immediately said yes.  Kim and I had a few chats, where she asked me about my hobbies, passions, etc.  Of course, dancing came up immediately and she suggested we did the shot at the studio.  Since in order to do aerials I require a partner, I asked Jeff a fellow team member.  The mask was Kim’s idea.  We had a blast and we came out of it with some pretty photographs.

Soon enough, I was stranger 41.  Good times!

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Help Me Step Up for Victims of Child Abuse

Remember my last blog post?

Well, we didn’t get enough people to fly the trainer to Ottawa so I have to go to Rochester.  I’m all signed up now.

This is my confirmation email:

Hi Claudia,

Thank you for reviewing and accepting Darkness to Light’s Facilitator Policy. Darkness to Light will now conduct a background check.  Unless you hear otherwise from D2L, you should expect that your background check was fine and that you are officially registered for your workshop on 05/04/2012  Thank you for your commitment to preventing child sexual abuse.


Erika Rowell
Program Support Coordinator

Since I’ve never killed anyone [despite the incriminating evidence]…

Just don’t try to take my birthday cake away from me

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Do You Hate Childhood Sexual Abuse?

So do I.

Sexual abuse is a horrible thing AT ANY age. But when it’s done to children, I find it particularly despicable.

As an MD in my native country, I saw many cases of child sexual abuse. I used to work at a third level hospital and what I saw broke my heart. Some children even needed extensive reconstructive surgery. I vowed to some day do something about it.  And while I know that support for victims and their families is extremely valuable, I’m more interested in prevention.

The opportunity finally came in September 2010 when I saw a tweet from @VoiceFound on the #Ottawa feed inviting people to attend a workshop on Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention!

I did a little research, concluded the thing was legit, and signed up for the workshop.

Me, at the first Voice Found Stewards Of Children Childhood Sexual Abuse Workshop. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

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