Geekstalkers #3 Best Film Score


This article is a collaboration of  geeks & nerds (including yours truly) lead (enabled ;) ) by Jack and the Geekstalk.

Most of them live in the future (a.k.a the UK) so it works beautifully for me, since as you all know, I’m an unapologetic night owl.



Jack and the Geekstalk

The Geekstalkers are back!!

Welcome to another article from the Geekstalker Community. I feel obliged to issue a warning here….what follows is a whole bunch of AWESOMENESS! The Geekstalkers are an amazing group of geeks, nerds, podcasters and brilliant people who just like talking about anything and everything. A while ago we decided to share some of these conversations with the wider world.

You can check out our previous articles below.

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This month’s topic was our Best/Favourite Film Score, the only rule was the song/theme/music had to be original, written for a particular film, other than that…….There are no rules!!! Enjoy!

Ben from SuperNerds UK – @HailLeviation, @SuperNerdsUK

Music is a big thing to me, I grew up listening to a lot of varied things from an early age and played bass or guitar in various bands from my late…

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March Equinox


A month ago, I decided to revive Geek Squared Art idea and give it a decent website. One that was professional looking – if artistic.

Shortly after – like three seconds in – I realized I had to hone my web design skills, if I wanted to do it myself instead of paying a web designer to do it.

Mad gathering of resources and lots of reading followed. I also realized I needed to get good a graphic design if I wanted the site too look the way I want it to look.

After all, Geek Squared Art is all about arts & crafts. You can’t have an arts & crafts website and fill it with lousy graphics. It just won’t do.

Therefore, on top of becoming fluent in wordpressese, I had to take myself to a decent level of mastery of a graphic platform. I was thinking Gimp, but in very SSG fashion, I decided one night to take the plunge and tackle Illustrator. I was terrified… mortified… petrified… stupefied… by it. Totally intimidated.

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My first Comic Convention

Last weekend, Sid  The 11th Doctor and I attended the [first ever] Windsor ComiCon.

Incidentally, it was also my first ever con. Sid’s  11’s  too. We both were Comic Con virgins.

So it was all kind of fitting.

I was volunteering so we arrived nice and early on Saturday, hours before the doors opened. There was a big line already and either our costumes were really good or people were not very familiar with cosplay cause we got a lot of stares. I remember thinking at that point “I hope a lot more people come in character cause that’s where the fun is”.

I reported – or rather tried to, but nobody seemed to know where to direct me. After a good ten minutes of walking around asking people with ComiCon Organizer badges, we finally found someone who knew where the volunteer coordinator was.

I was assigned to the Artist Alley [score!] and at that point it occurred to me to ask if they had a need for more volunteers. Apparently something went wrong with the system and their volunteers never got their shifts so the volunteer coordinator was happy to get an extra helping hand. We got a mini info session on the spot and off we went to our posts to wait for the doors to open and the crowds of geeks and nerds to come in.

They didn’t disappoint.

There were a good number of seriously awesome cosplays, of which I have ZERO pictures because my stupid phone kept dying on me. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I need an extra charger for my next con.

11 on volunteer duty

Unsuspecting 11 ended up on volunteer duty

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Miracle Of Miracles

To my darling dandelion soup

But of all God’s miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all 
Is the one I thought could never be: 
God has given you to me.


What a miracle/wonder/blessing/lucky strike/[insert your favourite belief here] to have found each other. And I sure adore you, my wonderful geeky fiancé.


PS: Think we should thank WordPress for bringing us together?

Who Doesn’t Like Happy Faces?

The following picture was making the rounds this week on FB

Some happy grass cells…

My first reaction was to smile, of course.

Then I thought, wait a second, those are not cells. I can’t recognize any organelles in any of those “happy cells”. Cells are a beautiful thing, but they don’t really have anything that looks like a mouth or eyes. At least not the symmetrical, human kind. I mean, Picasso would have been able to see a face there, I’m sure. But not a smiley one.

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Quantum of Solace Girl

For many of you, it isn’t news that the Summer Solstice Girl is a geek.

I have a strong background in science and at some point I was considering going into Astrophysics.  I was a member of the Astronomy Society in my home town and I even got published once for a little article I wrote on the Perseids Meteor Shower.  I was a keynote speaker for a National Amateur Astronomer Conference too.  Good times.

I heart physics.  I am also a James Bond movies fan.  So, as it happens often in life, the universe conspires to make you smile.  I was already in the middle of writing this post when something else happened.   So I decided to change the original title of the post from “Quantum Physics and Lindy Hop? Hell yeah!” to what it is now.

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