Once There Was A Little Girl

Once there was a little girl

who dreamed of lands far far away

of snow and wolves and also bears.

The little girl, a woman she became

but her dreams, she never forgets

To the land of snow one day she came

And to the land of fjords? For sure one day.

In the mean time she revels

in all the things she loves in many levels

to sing, to dance, to jump, to whirl

cuz she IS the Summer Solstice Girl!

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Pedometer? A device to measure WHAT?

Well, this is a topic you won’t hear me talking about much.  I’ve been secretly giggling, chuckling and even right out laughing for years and I can’t hold it in any longer.

There were a whole bunch of people talking about them thingies on Twitter -including one of our students.  According to her, “There’s a bunch of city employees wearing pedometers and tweeting how much they….[walk]” (points of ellipsis & brackets are mine.  You’re about to find out why)

You see, the word pedo in Spanish means [are you ready for this?]

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