Proud Mama

Oh, and by the way, my kickass daughter made it to the finals of the Jack and Jill All Star Division. THE ALL STAR DIVISION.

In case my all caps didn’t make it obvious enough, it is kind of a BIG DEAL!

To give you an idea, these are the Jack & Jill divisions:

  1. Open (where I competed)
  2. Advanced
  3. All Star
  4. Invitational

If any of you is interested, you can see her dancing in real time cause they are live-streaming the finals at 5:45 ET.

Live Stream


There she is, while we wait for our lunch

Time to panic


8 days to go for the International Lindy Hop Championships

A week from today I’ll be half way to Washington, DC

And I don’t think I’m anywhere near being prepared for it.

Remember, my funny daughter decided to register me for both the Open Lindy Hop Jack & Jill and the Open Balboa Jack & Jill without telling me.  Oh, yeah.  She’s VERY funny.  FYI, she’ll be competing in the Advanced division.

Granted, she posted this on Facebook late on Saturday night:

Not sleepy anymore so I decided to do a little late night embarrassing: At last Saturday Night Swing, I was sitting down, taking a little break, when I saw awesome swivels out of the corner of my eye, in my mind I said “whoa, who’s swiveling like a badass over there?!”, I looked, and realized that it was my mother. It was a very proud daughter moment :)

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The Balboa Noem

To Montreal I went

to dance some balboa

and see a few friends

I had a great time

danced many a song

chatted with dear friends

and a medal I won.

But in spite of the fun

– you’ll say, oh, so sappy,

I was very happy

to come home to my boys



Because I *KNOW* you were *ALL* holding your breath waiting for the news.  You can breath again now (Blue is not very becoming unless you perform with tubes or you are a Na’vi from Pandora).

[a little review for those of you just getting to my blog: On Monday, I auditioned for a yet-to-be-named-formerly-known-as-Rhythm-Blasters entry level Lindy Hop team and last night I auditioned for the Jam Crew, also a Lindy Hop team but of a much higher dance level]


Just got of phone call from one of the coaches. ’tis what he said:

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30 Day Challenge & Bootcamp auditions

I know I said I wouldn’t reblog here all the posts for the 30 Day Lindy Hop Challenge and yet it seems like I’m doing it every day.  But so far, it seems like every day is about something that my non-dance readers would enjoy as well.  So there.

Day 6: Your favorite group dance (Mob Dance)

As it turned out, I was gonna blog about the Summer Bootcamp audition anyway, and it ties nicely with today’s subject -as you’ll find out if you read my post over at the Swing Dynamite blog.

I may seem silly that I got so excited about the audition.  I was part of the teams before.  But for some reason, I thought ALL team members needed to audition again.  You see, Swing Dynamite is going through a process of major changes in its teams.  Some teams will be no more and some new teams will be created.  So I got a little confused.

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