A compass is always a good thing to have

for travels across the big sea and land.

And if off-course should you go

 safely home,  may it help you arrive

For Ink.

Epic times will ensue

Sunday! Another week ends

(or starts if you count that way)

but first – if you don’t mind,

I’ll say: Happy Canada Day!

No doubt, the SSG is happy

she gots to dance a lot

furthermore, in two more days

the prodigal son comes home.

Alas, for two weeks only

no matter, that’s enough

we shall reminisce and be merry

for what’s life, but just a luff

Hugs, dancing, food and music,

cuddly cats and a bear too

colour pencils and sketch pads

a pot of coffee or two.

Add a son and a daughter

and epic times will ensue

tight bonds strong anew

over a chocolate fondue!

The three [Colombian] Musketeers

Damn, we’re a good looking family


The Balboa Noem

To Montreal I went

to dance some balboa

and see a few friends

I had a great time

danced many a song

chatted with dear friends

and a medal I won.

But in spite of the fun

– you’ll say, oh, so sappy,

I was very happy

to come home to my boys


Hello, It’s Sunday

Hello, it is Sunday

you know what that means.

So let us be silly

and eat some tangerines.

My lovely friend Ink.

– a wise lady, you see

came up with this schinke.

And it is so clever, I think you’ll agree.

And now my lovelies

I have but to be

a noet, I tell you

and then have some tea.

The Noem Nook on Sundays

This is my contribution for the The Noem Nook on Ink. (2nd Edition)