And then this happened

I got a notification from WordPress yesterday 

Who knew I had so much to say?

Personally I think it is remarkable, especially considering I am not done with saying things after five years of blogging – despite my five-month hiatus when I first moved to Windsor. 

And then this happened:  

Randomly stopped at a comic store and ran into Groot!!!!

Star Lord and Rocket Racoon were there too with an unlikely companion   

Fun times! 

SSG’s Wordle

Mainly because I am very bored but also because I want to avoid thinking (and blogging) about other things that have been nagging at me, here it is!

The wonderful, fantastic Summer Solstice Girl’s Wordle!!!

I guess I talk a lot about chocolate

I guess I talk about chocolate a lot. Hey Herman, I bet yours would be kinda the same!

Clearly, Wordle only takes the most recent posts.  I would like to see how it would be if it could take all the words in all the posts. That would very interesting.

In the mean time, I’ll go have some chocolate.

Happy Monday everyone!

Time to give thanks

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of this posts. The title might be a little misleading and if so, I apologize.

I am indeed thankful for many things. For being in Canada, for example where I can dress the way I want, I can speak up, I can walk alone without fearing for my life, where I am not afraid that someone with a firearm will shoot me while I’m at the movies or a bomb will go off at the mall where I’m shopping. Where I have access to an education. It is so unforgivable that still now, in the 21st century, it’s so hard to be a woman in so many parts of the planet. So I’m certainly thankful for that.

But this post is about giving thanks for some neat blogging awards I received in the last couple of days.

The first one is the Reality Award, given to me by Anita from The Bipolar Dance. She says I deserve it so I’m going to go ahead and graciously accept it. Mainly because she got it first and I really think her blog is all those things.

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Musing about my blog

Someone recently told me they had stopped reading my blog because it had changed. That it was light and funny at the beginning but it had become an online journal.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t think my blog had changed directions at all.

I thought about it for a while (cause that’s all I do, I think and I think and then I think some more).

Then I realized this person had started reading my blog when I moved it to WP. They didn’t know it from its humble Blogger beginnings.

I had blogged plenty about my mental issues during the Blogger days. Then, as I moved the blog to WP, I was hitting a period of my life where I had different things to blog about.

Then, it occurred to me that I had an “About Me” page but not an “About this Blog” one.

Naturally, I immediately created one. Continue reading

Life goes on. Still. Always

I have spent some time yesterday and today, trying to catch up with the blogs I follow.  That’s why some of you will find a sudden ton of notifications of likes and comments from me.

I still have to work, of course so I’m afraid it’s not humanly possible to catch up with all of them so if I missed yours, my apologies.  I’ll try my best to stay up to date in the future.

So many wonderful posts I missed.  I go from hysterical laughs to almost tears.  But good to know [almost] everybody is still hanging in there.

I’m looking back at the last three months and I find it amazing how much crap we all go through every day.  And yes, here’re we are still.

And that reminds me of a picture I saw on Facebook yesterday.  One of those things that became very popular.  It seems like all people do on Facebook is post quotes or someecards.  Not that I have anything against them.  Most of them are hilarious.  And I always appreciate anything that causes a good laugh or a smile.  But I disgress.  Here’s the quote

You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have

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Thank you!


Fancy that.

I have A HUNDRED followers!

I find it humbling.  Never, in my wildest dreams, I thought that my musings would be of any interest for anyone other than me.  Specially considering that most of the time, my posts are sad or painful to read.  And when they’re not sad, they blatantly silly.

So, I want to thank each one of you my wonderful followers.  Thank you for stopping by, which in turn gave me the opportunity to find your blog and learning about you as well.  It is great to share laughs, and giggles, and tears and all the things that make life, life.  The good ones and the bad ones.

A while back, I also got this.  I know that in the big scheme of things it is not much but it feels good nonetheless.  So thank you for liking my posts too.  According to WP, the current tally is 1,282.  I think that’s pretty cool.

And finally, I have received a number of blogging awards in the last month or so.  I have been delinquent and not done my part.  I apologize for that.  If you nominated me for an award and haven’t heard back from me yet, I would really appreciated if you reminded me about it.  I like responding and playing my part.  It’s a nice way to learn about other bloggers and to show appreciation to those blogger we admire for whatever reason.  So please, do not hesitate to comment here with a link to the award.  I’ll be more than happy to oblige if you remind me.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

To blog or not to blog

I’m not talking about keeping a blog or not.  To me, the answer to that question is very clear: Hell yes!

I’m talking about to blog about what’s happening at any given time.

Blogging does something weird to you.  When you first start, it is quite liberating cause you finally can say -scream even, the things that for whatever reason, you cannot say in your “real” life, to the people around you.

But then you start interacting with other bloggers.  You learn about their struggles too. You laugh with them and sometimes you even cry with them.  You feel happy for their achievements and sad when they’re hurting.  They become a family of sorts.

Then, you might feel like you should NOT be blogging about this or that cause it is going to look like all you do is whine or rant.  And you might feel tempted to not do it for the same reasons you don’t tell your family or your friends or your co-workers.

But I think we can all agree here on how therapeutic blogging can be.  How important it is to let it out so it doesn’t build up to the point where you will explode.  Sure not everybody blog for the same reasons.  Some people do it for work, for example.  I do it too.  Not here, of course.  But the dance school has a blog too that is part of my job description to keep.

However, when one blogs for reasons other that work, I believe one should never second-guess oneself as to whether one should blog or not.

Reaching out is important.  Connecting is important.  It helps greatly.  First, because letting it out of your chest is the first step (and sometimes the most important part) of healing. And second, because some people might be (and will be) listening and they will offer their support and wisdom.  Hearing what they have to say is very comforting too.

So the answer to the proverbial question always is:


Live long, blog and prosper!