The King

4:58 pm. Text message from my best friend. Wake up, wake up!

5:00 pm. Alarm sounds. Don’t want to wake up

5:20 pm Grumble grumble. Fine I’ll get up

5:30 pm Take a shower, get dressed, make sure ticket is in bag, get hat and sunglasses. Good, I’m ready to leave.

6:00 pm Get downstairs, walk half a block. Realize I don’t have my water bottle. It’s quite hot. I go into heat exhaustion very easily.


Back to my flat.

Can’t find the water bottle. Whatever, I take my sippy cup instead. Leave again.

I’m hungry. Walk on the other direction towards the grocery store to get some food.

The hot section is closing and there’s nothing left. Fine. I’ll get some of the overpriced food at the festival.

Walk out of the store. The bus is already at bus stop. I sprint. Get to the stop. Realize I don’t have my wallet. No bus tickets. No money.


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We didn’t win. We didn’t even place. But we got mad reviews from other dancers and great feedback from the judges.

But let’s rewind.

One of our teachers came to us with a project last November: A Short Showcase Competition.

We have several competitions during the year but they are mostly in the Jack & Jill format (you sign up alone and are assigned a random partner) or the Jitterbug format where you sign with partner but do improvised dancing. We thought a short Showcase competition was a great idea and went along with it. The date was set for January 19 and the number of entries was limited to ten couples.

Apparently, there was a void in Ottawa for showcase competitions (where you sign up with a partner and perform a choreographed routine) because as soon as we opened registrations, it got sold out in a matter of hours.

This were the Contest Rules:

  • Entries are two people
  • Any style of [swing] dance is welcome.
  • Original choreography is encouraged.
  • Music must be between 30-60 seconds in length.

My daughter suggested I did a Blues choreography with Stefan, one of our up and coming students. It’ll be a lot of fun, she said. I’ll help you with it, she said. So we registered.

Then Christmas came, I got very sick and my daughter went to Colombia.

That’s when I panicked. It was January 2nd and I didn’t have a song, I didn’t have a choreography and I didn’t have a daughter to help with.

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30 Day Challenge & Bootcamp auditions

I know I said I wouldn’t reblog here all the posts for the 30 Day Lindy Hop Challenge and yet it seems like I’m doing it every day.  But so far, it seems like every day is about something that my non-dance readers would enjoy as well.  So there.

Day 6: Your favorite group dance (Mob Dance)

As it turned out, I was gonna blog about the Summer Bootcamp audition anyway, and it ties nicely with today’s subject -as you’ll find out if you read my post over at the Swing Dynamite blog.

I may seem silly that I got so excited about the audition.  I was part of the teams before.  But for some reason, I thought ALL team members needed to audition again.  You see, Swing Dynamite is going through a process of major changes in its teams.  Some teams will be no more and some new teams will be created.  So I got a little confused.

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