Happy Canada Day

Today is my first Canada Day in Windsor.

It is also the first Canada Day I don’t spend in Ottawa.

Ottawa, being the capital of Canada and all, is THE place to be on Canada Day.

For us at Swing Dynamite, it was always a great day. Last year, for example, the school was part of the Noon Show on Parliament Hill.

Swing Dynamite - Canada Day 2014

Every year, teachers, coaches, team members, students, we all gathered downtown to celebrate together. There was lots of live music, swing and other kinds of dancing, laughter, food, silliness and and good old fun.

I won’t have that this year but I am determined to join the celebrations here, even if it took me almost an hour to find the damn info of what the City of Windsor is doing.

They should hire me to do their social media. Like, seriously.

Anyway, Happy Canada Day, everyone. We have plenty to celebrate so let’s eat cake and be merry!

I am Canadian Canada Day 2015 Je Suis Canadienne

When you get tired of drinking lemonade

*Warning* RANT ahead. Read at your own risk.

I am normally good about ignoring the bad things and focusing on the good things. Not in a “I-am-putting-all-in-a-pile-in-the-back-of-my-mind-and-OH-SHIT-WTF-is-this-monster-let’s-have-a-meltdown” kind but in a “If-I-have-to-do-this-at-least-I’ll-have-some-fun-while-I’m-at it” one.

In other words, I’ve spent all my life making [and drinking] lemonade. And that’s ok. I do have lots of fun as you all know. Sometimes I even make chocolate cake instead of lemonade.

Wish it were that easy

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Epic times will ensue

Sunday! Another week ends

(or starts if you count that way)

but first – if you don’t mind,

I’ll say: Happy Canada Day!

No doubt, the SSG is happy

she gots to dance a lot

furthermore, in two more days

the prodigal son comes home.

Alas, for two weeks only

no matter, that’s enough

we shall reminisce and be merry

for what’s life, but just a luff

Hugs, dancing, food and music,

cuddly cats and a bear too

colour pencils and sketch pads

a pot of coffee or two.

Add a son and a daughter

and epic times will ensue

tight bonds strong anew

over a chocolate fondue!

The three [Colombian] Musketeers

Damn, we’re a good looking family


Happy Canada Day

As most of you know, I wasn’t born in Canada.  I moved here in 2001 and was granted Citizenship in 2006.

Coming to Canada was one of childhood dreams.  I am very happy to be here and I am a PROUD CANADIAN.

I may not agree with all the politics in this country.  I may not agree on how the national budget is managed.  I may be even embarrassed by some of the things our politicians in general and our Prime Minister in particular do.

But I’m still a proud Canadian and I can say that MOST Canadians are good people.  This is a beautiful land and this is where I want to die when the time comes.

So I’ll be wearing red and white today and I’ll head to the Hill to enjoy the Canada Day celebrations.  And I’ll be dancing up a storm cause Swing Dynamite will be lindybombing the Jazz concerts too.