All in a day

Yesterday was one of those days.  

Well, to tell you the truth, it started with the day before yesterday. 

I went to the Humane Society to see two found tabbies that could potentially be Satchie. 

No dice. 

One wasn’t… the other one had already been euthanized. 

Came home and cried a fair bit. Of course. 

Then yesterday another tabby showed up on the HS’s website. And by George, she looked like my darling tornado!

Well friends, it wasn’t Satchie.

So close, though. She was very affectionate and looked so much like Satchie I had a hard time convincing myself that it wasn’t even after all the evidence. 

We spent some 40 minutes trying to figure out if she was or not. The technician was very understanding and even called a more experienced one to handle the kitty so at least we could see if it was a boy or a girl cause the info wasn’t in the chart . It was indeed a girl! Heart thumping hard!

She had the same soft fur, very similar markings, and she was so comfortable with me it was easy to pretend she was the little pest. 

In the end, and thanks to the million pictures of Satchie I have in my phone, we were able to see that this sweet girl has some circular markings on the left side of her face that Satchie doesn’t have.

She is also more on the brown side while Satchie’s coat on the back and legs is more on the silver side. 

I wanted her to be Satchie so much it was like I was willing her to be. 

Alas, it was not to be.

Now I fear for that sweet girl. It looks like her tail is broken. I hope she is deemed adoptable because she has so much love to give. It’d be a shame if she ends up being euthanized. 

At this point I was trying hard to hold the tears back as I sill had some business to do at the shelter. I went back to the other side to pick up this little beauty

Her name is Munchkin and I’ll be fostering her for the next few weeks. She is 8-9 weeks old and on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection so I have to be careful to protect Jay and miss Kaylee. 

Munchkin is absolutely adorable and very brave too. She purred all the way home, perched on my shoulder.

She’s faring quite well, though. Eating well, drinking plenty of water and using the litterbox just fine. 

I told her she was NOT allowed to steal my heart! 

But this is how we woke up this morning  

How am I supposed to deal with THAT??!!! 

So the day ended up on a high note. The was some crying still but a lots of smiling and even some laughing at little Munchkin’s antics. 

Now if you excuse me, I have to go cause she’s currently trying to nurse from my right earlobe…


FAQs Re: Windsor and Satchie

I decided to write this FAQs because I keep being asked the same questions by well-meaning people.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not being snarky. Or having rock star delusions. I am simply under severe stress and just one step away from doing that thing that makes people uncomfortable when spoken out loud. So if you asked and I gave you a link to this post as an answer, please don’t take it personal.

FAQs about Claudia being in Windsor, ON

Q: Why did you move to Windsor? Or its most common variant, why would you leave beautiful Ottawa to come to Windsor of all places?

A: For love. My fiance lives in Lansing, MI. The commute from Lansing to Ottawa is too long and too difficult when you struggle with anxiety and/or panic attacks. Windsor is as close as I can be to Lansing without leaving Canada.

Q: Why did you come to Windsor without first having found an apartment? 

A: Because I actually had a plan which was not by any stretch of the imagination, being stranded in Windsor. When it became obvious I wouldn’t have a place for December 1st (having to vacate my Ottawa place on November 30th), I decided to put everything in storage in Windsor, and then continue to Lansing. The initial plan was to come to Windsor, get settled at the new place, stay here for a week or two and THEN head to Lansing to spend the Holidays with the fiance and the Sidlets. Going straight to Lansing on the same day wasn’t too much of a deviation of the plan anyway, so that’s what we did.

Q: Why are you still here, then? Continue reading

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

I am sitting here absolutely bawling.

I was having a hard day. Beyond horrible. All I’ll say here is that I was forced to relive things I don’t even want to remember and I got triggered big time.

I’ve been in limbo all day. Absolutely numb.

And then, I had to get up for something and realized the mail had come. There was a package for me!

Naturally,  I did what every sane person would do. I ran to get my phone so I could take pictures :)

Do you recognize the sender?


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Update on kitty’s dental surgery

Jay’s dental surgery went well. Very well, actually.

Of course there were tears in the morning as the technician was taken my darling Jay away in his carrier.

But it all went well, in less than the estimated time (20 min instead of 30) which also brought the final cost of the procedure down. In the end it was $200 and a bit less that the initial estimate. Yay!

Kitty is doing quite well. He’s eating just fine. There’s no bleeding and no coughing or vomiting, both of which can sometimes happen after general anaesthesia. I have to give him pain medication for three days and antibiotics for seven days and he’s taking them without fuss.

There’s only the matter of some swelling of his right paw, where they had the I.V. line but it should be gone by tomorrow. He seems to be walking well. No limping at all.

There was a handwritten note with the paper work. I says:

Jay’s dental cleaning and extraction went very well today. He was a lovely patient and we all wish him a speedy recovery!

The technician also said to me Jay was a very sweet cat and they were very impressed how well behaved he was. My brave Jay!

Thank you for your encouraging comments and tweets! They really made a difference.


Waiting for the cab so we could go home

Busy weekend (and week) ahead

I had planned to write a follow up to yesterday’s post but it seems like I won’t have time today.  Or this weekend.  Or maybe even next week.

At Swing Dynamite, we do all kind of cool non-dancing stuff during the summer.  And this Sunday is one of them.  We start the day with a Yoga class at our studio and then we all head to Calypso Water Park for a fun day of sun and water slides.  I can’t wait!!! We had SO much fun last year!

Group pic at the end of the day. So much fun! Unfortunately, some people had already left.

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Lovely bloggers, I need your input!!!

Here’s the thing: My darling Jay needs dental surgery

My poor Jay

Now, I have two options:

  1. Tooth extraction
  2. Root canal treatment

And this is where I need your input. Does any one of you have any experience with either or preferably both? Is one procedure preferable over the other?

I’d like to preserve the fang. I mean, my dentist has always told me that is is ALWAYS better to try and keep the tooth, whenever possible. I don’t see why it’d be any different for a cat.

However, this is my dilemma. The cost of a tooth extraction is roughly $1,200 while the root canal is $1,500. $300 is a lot of money. Jay’s vet says it really doesn’t matter for the cat and the decision is completely up to me.

But I want to make sure I do the best for my cat and not the best for my wallet.

If indeed my Jay will not mind having one less fang (and by that I mean, if HE’LL BE COMPLETELY HAPPY without it) then I wouldn’t mind saving $300.

But if he’ll be better off keeping his fang, I will get him that option no matter what.

Thoughts? Please?

Edited to add a pic of the estimate

The tired noem

Today I’m tired 

and that’s too bad

cause tons of fun

I wanted to have

Instead sleep

I think I will 

and of cats and music

perhaps I’ll dream

Oh gentle fairy

come take me away

to a land of green

and let me be merry