Coping Musings: Illustrations & Coffee Humour 

Two things help me cope: 

  1. Humour
  2. Art/Arts and crafts (incidentally, why is it arts & crafts and not art & craft? English is such a weird language 🤣). 

As a child, I learned crochet, sewing and embroidery from my grandmother. We spent many a great afternoon having coffee and making stuff together and -unlike whoever my current teacher at that moment was- she was never put off by the fact I was left-handed. I also learned other various crafts at school but as I grew up, I forwent them for the pursuit of science. 

Three or fours years ago, however, during a three week stay at the mental health hospital ward, my awesome assigned occupational therapist had me working on various crafting projects twice a week. That re-kindled my love for the arts & crafts. 

Now I do papercrafts and I am also teaching myself some graphic design. This piece I made last year is based on a tutorial for typography-based design by Design Cuts -who are fantastic, by the way- but I changed their quote for a coffee related one. Because, you know, coffee.

Do NOT get between a Colombian and her coffee. Ever!

Um, yeah… I have a weird sense of humour. I know.

Healing by Purrs

A cat purring on your lap is more healing than any medicine in the world, as the vibrations you are receiving are of pure love and contentment.- Author unknown

This quote usually -but most likely erroneously, attributed to Francis of Assisi, fully exemplifies my day yesterday.

I spent the whole day with Jay by my side, with a healthy sprinkling of kneading, purring and headbutts by my new friend, sweet miss Patches.

Meet miss Patches

Meet miss Patches

I didn’t go out at all. Which makes me feel guilty because I didn’t go looking for Satchie. But on the other hand, today I am in a lot less pain, which is always nice. My body needed the break, for sure.

But most of all, I am in a much better state of mind today. Being reunited with Jay has made a huge difference. Even if he had to go through the stress of being in yet another brand new place, the third one in the same week. I hate putting him through all this but I would like to think that being with me also helps him. He’s starting to settle by now and I love to hear his heartwarming cooing every time I touch him or call out his name.

I am still worried, of course. I am still heartbroken and my heart won’t heal until I have Satchie again with me. I am still anxious about not having secured a place for January 1st. I am still angry that I will have to spend the holidays alone because of some stupid Border agent.

But I now know that this too shall pass and that eventually things will be okay.

Yeah, yeah, you were all right. You all knew I would. Even I knew I would.

Damn. I’m too stubborn to give up even when I try to convince myself that I do want to give up. I hate it but there’s nothing I can do. Millions of years of evolution hang heavily on me. We are all wired to survive no matter the pain.

But… dude!

Purring kitties.

That’s where it’s at!

Oh, and coffee. Let’s not forget coffee. Thanks to my current host for welcoming me with a cup of coffee and to the fiance for bringing me some of that good old Colombian magic beans!

Join me for a cup of coffee?


Come on in. Sit down. Have a cup of nice Colombian coffee.

How’s your week so far?

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Not that it is a bad thing.  That means the weekend is just around the corner. But still, this week flew by.

Is it cold in your neck of the woods? It’s been very cold here. I’m glad I have two kitties to keep me warm.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Here, let me get you another cup of coffee…

And then, it was like Christmas all over again

My daughter is back from Colombia.

And she came bearing presents!


A Juan Valdez® café bag from my sister and aunt… this looks promising :)



Coffee, of course!


Chocolate-covered coffee beans and coffee mini-meringues


My favourite type of bread from my favourite bakery


Coffee, anyone?

Let’s have a Colombian hot chocolate end-of-year party!

You are all cordially invited to a hot chocolate party – Colombian Style. Yes, yes, I still love coffee. But as much as we Colombians love coffee, we also have other hot beverages we love. Aguapanela and hot chocolate, for example.

But! let’s celebrate. What are we celebrating? That we made it through yet another year, I suppose. But mainly, that we are friends, even if virtual ones.

So I’m making a big pot of delicious hot chocolate Colombian style for all of you to enjoy. And we’ll be having it with fresh double cream  Colombian cheese. It melts in the hot chocolate and create a chewy yumminess in your mouth.


We start with real Colombian chocolate:


This one already comes with a hint of cloves and cinnamon. But in Colombia, you can buy it without, and then add them to your taste. Or not

Then we need the proper tools:


Molinillo & Chocolatera. Both brought from Colombia

Then we put the milk and the chocolate in the chocolate pot and we heat it up on the stove to melt the chocolate. We whisk it with the molinillo by placing your hands around it as shown in the picture and move them back and forth to make the molinillo spin. We do this every now and then, and watch the temperature so it doesn’t spill.


Proper technique to froth the hot chocolate (yes, those are my hands)

We let the milk raise a couple of times without letting it fully boil, frothing vigorously every single time. Then we carefully pour it in a mug and serve with cheese. I like to cut the cheese in somewhat small pieces and put it in the mug before pouring the hot chocolate so it melts better. But some people prefer to serve it on a side plate and eat it alone or add it to the chocolate later. I guess that since this is a party and all, I should serve the cheese in individual plates and let you have it in any way you prefer.





My daughter, the hostess with the mostest***


mmmm yes. This is how I like it!

So this little chocolate party is to show my appreciation to all of you, fellow bloggers that read the craziness that is my blog.

to the ones that started with me, and to the ones that came along as the year of 2012 grew old.  But especially, for those of you who stuck around despite everything, my MIA period, the heartwrenching posts, the dark posts, sending me healing thoughts/prayers/good vibes on and off-line.

A big hug in particular to Sandee, Anita, Ruby Tuesday and Dad Knows for never failing to be there no matter how hard my posts were! I know that sometimes, my posts are hard to read. I know they can make some people uncomfortable. But think about it, the more painful they look, the harder I am trying to reach out and you**** were always there for me. And for that, you have my most sincere thanks and my love!



* Noon for Colombians is any time between 12:00 and 2 pm. The afternoon for us starts at 2 pm.

** In case you were wondering, there wasn’t any obesity problems in Colombia until the MacDonald’s were introduced. Now, Colombia has joined the list of many other developing (read, starving) countries having to deal with brand new obesity epidemics.

*** The hot chocolate pictures were taken on Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) during the preparation of our Cena Navideña.

**** It is entirely possible I might have left a name or two out. Please forgive my foggy, cold-infested brain

Coffee, coffee, coffee!*


Even though it really doesn’t mean the same to me as it does for most of the world (if anything, I love Mondays cause that’s when I train with the team), ANY day is a good excuse to have coffee.

So here it is, a great cup of coffee for all of you**.  


By the way, if you haven’t yet, go check out Miss Sofi’s super cute illustrations.

Hope you all have a great week!

* Bonus points for those of you who get the reference

** Lucky Canucks enjoying the Civic Holiday need not to apply.  You can still enjoy a nice cup of coffee, though.   But make that Colombian or else…