Trying to cope

In bed, drinking coffee, while catching up with my WP reader.  It is a very hot day in Ottawa although at least my place is managing to stay somewhat cool which is a blessing.

I am in a very fragile state of mind today.  If my previous post was not telling enough, I had one of the worse nights I’ve had in years.  Very disturbing.

Having a mighty tinnitus flare up doesn’t help either, I guess.  However, I’m very thankful for the encouraging comments.  It makes things easier, somehow.

A cuddling kitteh is also not a bad thing.  Not No-name-rescued-kitteh but the ginger brat.

I’m also revisiting old social networks (god, how relative time is) and finding there’s some really funny shit there.    You should check them out if you feel so inclined.  There’s my Tumbler and then there’s Instagram and Twitpic.

And there’s some cool nature photographs too.  Some of them even with some sort of caption contests that never took off.  I think I’m gonna bring back to life some of them here on WP.

But back to my coffee drinking habits.  Happy, happy, joy, joy [Madame Weebles, I’m looking at you!].  Which takes me back to the Virtual Cafe.  Have to start working on that ASAP.

Mah absolutely gorgeous coffee grinder

Virtual Cafe

In bed, half sitting, half laying down, enjoying a nice cup of coffee while kitteh is cuddled by my side.  I’m also feeling the adorable/cuteoverload withdrawl now that no-name-yet kitteh is gone to his forever home with TFG [gee, hope JCJ is not reading this or I’ll be in trouble].

Every time I have coffee now, I think of Madame Weebles.  I’ve been toying with this idea for about a week but between Kitteh rescuing & nurturing and pre-CSC stuff, I never got around putting it in words.

But here it is! [damn, I ran out of coffee.  Back in a sec]

My cool Juan Valdez Mug

 Le Clown, remember the good old Tumblr days?

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A Tribute To Clown On Fire

It’s 4:07 am and I can’t sleep because I’m thinking of Clown On Fire‘s Blog.   OK, That’s not the reason why I can’t sleep but I’m still thinking about Clown On Fire’s Blog awesomeness.   So, naturally, I decided to grab my laptop (because that’s what you do when you can’t sleep, right?) and write this tribute.   It first went like this:

Dear Clown On Fire,




Then I realized that my declaration of undying love for his blog could potentially be misunderstood.  So I wrote this:

Dear Clown On Fire,


The more I read your fracktastically inspirational blog, the less I’m inclined to blog myself.   How can I ever achieve your degree of [opens a new tab with an online thesaurus] awesomeness awe-inspiring-ness.  I’m screwed for life.  I can foresee more therapy in the near future.

Besides, must you be so ridiculously hilarious? I can’t afford to pay the exponentially increasing dry-cleaning bill any longer.

This is me, after reading a COF’s post

Although I have to say the nice gentleman at the dry cleaners is willing to give me a discount for 1. buying in bulk bringing tons of clothes every week and 2. The stains being all coffee and all so they only need to use one type of cleaner.

But I digress.  Ooooooh shiny!…

Hmmm, that was fun! wait, where was I?


COF, how I hate Thee? let me count the ways.  Or some stuff like that.

Sincerely yours,


Then I thought that was a bit too much so I decided to tone it down.  After all, some people are uncomfortable with public declarations of undying love.

So I settled for this:

Dear Clown On Fire,




There! I said it.