The Vaginas Are All Right!

Ever since I saw that damnedest add, I thought of ranting about it. But Nadine pretty much sums it all so here’s her post

Adorkable Undies

Your vulva is too hairy. And saggy. And dingy.

Also? Your vagina is a bit of a cave.

Like the rest of our bodies, our cooters can be customized to our exact specifications – provided of course you have the money and access to the cosmetic application/procedure of your choice.

You can remove a little, a lot or all of your pubic hair through shaving and/or waxing. You can nip and tuck your lips via labiaplasty. You can tighten up the inner works with vaginal rejuvenation surgery. You can even lighten and brighten your cooch with racist horror cream topical skin ligthening.

Confession: I make cosmetic adjustments to my appearance for completely superficial reasons on pretty much a daily basis. I apply moisturizers in the hopes that it will preserve some semblence of youthful elastiscity in my skin. I spend a lot of time and money to have my hair…

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